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Today has been an unsettling one for me. As this post goes live, I will be on the road again. I am headed to a funeral.

Before I got the news, I was planning this poem for today, as it is much lighter than the ones we have shared over the last two weeks and was a necessary departure from the conversation of today’s noon post. Today’s poem is titled Tomorrow Comes. With it, I chose a photograph of one of the many rainbows which has graced my life. If you look closely, you can see it is a double.

The Promise of Another Day

The irony of posting this poem in the wake of news of a family death is not lost on me. All in all, I did not change my plan because I found the poem perhaps more important rather than a post seeming ill-conceived.

Originally, this poem was born of the concept: What tomorrow may bring. As is customary, I chose a different angle than the traditional, dreamy aspirations attached to the future.

What I am seeking in sharing  Tomorrow Comes with you is your ideas of attitudes on tomorrow, and its inevitability. As the sign in the picture instructs, stop and think of the serenity of the dawn I share with you from Kershaw, South Carolina.

The Dawn of Tomorrow

Tomorrow Comes

Tomorrow comes.
Sometimes soft,
Sometimes a raging bull,
But it does come.

Wish it away,
Want it at bay,
Brimming full of unknown,
But it does come.

Curiosity piqued.
Wondering begun.
Still unsure to trust the dawn,
When it does come.

Loosening the grip
On the comforting past,
But need a free hand to grasp
When it does come.

Clean, fresh, enticing,
Serene, hopeful, energizing.
Lifting away from the tired yesterday,
Tomorrow is come.



Tell me the significance of your attitude toward tomorrow and the symbolism of the stop sign from the picture as it relates to the poem. I am eager to get to your comments once I arrive.

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  1. I am just calling by to wish you a better day on Tuesday my wickedly great friend, I guess for once I have no thoughts on what this picture and your poem relates to, well not at the moment, though it did remind me of a quote that I heard a long time ago and it is this…

    ‘Today is the Tomorrow that You Worried About Yesterday’

    I will be back to try and catch up a little Red 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Which happens to play nicely into the fourth and fifth stanzas. I just got to hug and kiss my grandson, so my Tuesday is already looking up, my friend. 😉

  2. What came to mind for me was that no matter how dark the night is, there is always the promise of the light that will come. I know there have been days when I felt like that light at the end of the tunnel was a train, but there is something refreshing about a new day.

  3. I like what Derek said. Tomorrow is something we may or may not get – it is the unknown. Today is what we have and we need to live in it. Angie

  4. Tomorrow is indeed a “raging bull”. Beautifully put.

    • Glad you liked it 😉 Do not mean to be so absent lately, but on the road… Move all done?

      • Thanks for asking! I’ve been absent. Yes, the move is done, and I’ve had quite a bit of school before class even started…in an undergraduate program! I was surprised. Only 398 days left before I qualify to take my boards. 🙂 Hope your holiday season went well!

        • WooHoo! I know you are going to do GREAT!! And yes, the holidays were fabulous! I hope your New Year is already bright…even if you do need to crack a few books 😉

  5. Tomorrow is not given, so just live for today as if it was your last, because one day it will be…

    Love and hugs!


  6. Tomorrow is unknown, another day that may or may not come. We can plan for it, describe what its features will look like, but come tomorrow the day may look very different. Although we may not want tomorrow to appear (the ‘stop sign’) we can not stop the next day from coming.

  7. Sometimes I think of tomorrow with dread and anxiety, because to quote your poem tomorrow is like “a raging bull.” But what makes me get out of the bed every morning and gets me going throughout the day is the love, concern, support of family and friends – especially my wife…

    Would like also to share this delightful quote from the movie “Kung Fu Panda:”

    “The past is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift; that’s why it’s called the present.”


    • My daughter recently started quoting this movie, and that is one she has one she really likes. Children have a way of motivating us to do so much!

  8. You covered them all, but certainly, the sign symbolizes a time for reflection and pause before tomorrow comes…at least to me.

    • It does for me as well. Not so much that I want to project what it may hold, but to put the past to bed to move to better things.


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