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Venti LatteIn a week where I thought disaster was the norm, are you in for a wild ride? Since we managed a fire and a stabbing in one day, grab a cuppa, snuggle in and hold on. Clyde is primed. Let’s talk.


Thank you to everyone who joined in the active discussions Thursday and Friday. I love what I learn about you. It is time for you to hear it again: You are the most enlightened, intelligent audience in the blogosphere.


This week’s Wordless Wednesday was a blast! I adored and laughed wholeheartedly at the names you gave the fractals. If you have not, take a moment to drop some names.

The animals you found were fun. No one guessed the animals I saw. Look back at the first one. If you can find dogs or (broomstick) horses, you may better understand my name for it.

For everyone who did not cheat, my names for them were:

1. Derby Day

2. Before the Bow (That would be rainbow.)

3. Wanna B. Paisley

4. Eye of my Storm

5. Pigtails

I could see where your names came from; is it reciprocal?


On the list of things one should not do when preparing to sell a house, setting a fire in the kitchen ranks pretty close to the top. Apparently, Man Cub did not read the realtor’s quick guide to selling homes. He decided to put a towel on the burner with the kettle. The flames were pretty. The burns on the floor from getting the flames off the stove and into a position where they could be doused, not so much.


Any time a child is quiet in excess of five minutes, parents’ radar beeps loudly to signal the search mechanism. Such was the case moments after the fire went out when Little V made no effort to see what the commotion in the kitchen may have been about (or to report the sweet smoke filling the house). Commence search.

Usual spots all checked, I began with the neighbors. Widening circles, if you are unfamiliar with this drill. End search: Neighbor’s trampoline (Bacchus playing underneath). Ugh. Did I mention she has a trampoline in her bedroom? Yeah, see, I thought not.


Knife TipAs though the day had not already gone well enough, I managed to stab this >>>>

that far into my thigh. Once I got the UPS guy out the driveway, I butterflied it closed. To quote myself (to my nephew when he cut a 6 inch gash in his shin), it will make a cool scar. As of today, I am down to one butterfly. Yes, I heal quickly.

Any wonder why I just wanted to soak in the tub and go to bed? This all happened in the span of an hour.

Right Turn, Clyde!

Animals have no idea what complicated is. They wake up, look for food, socialize and sleep. Pretty simple existence. Or is it?

Each part of the day contains some peril or group of them. Looking for food may mean being part of the middle of the food chain and entail not becoming prey. Socialization combines the struggle for social status and maintenance of the same. Even sleep contains hazards: safety of nest, predators, interruptions by nature and companions.

When an animal wakes up to face another day, we see it as just doing what animals do. Humans do not consider it complicated. Why not?

Enter Ape

Humans face similar perils everyday. Why do you not identify with the search for food? (The answer is not because I own a refrigerator or because there is a Stop & Shop on the corner.)

Not devoting the appropriate amount of attention.

How many of you face danger at work? No? Even if your job is not dangerous, the commute is. Work at home? Most accidents occur at home. (No we are not going to talk about why this is statistically true.)

Then, there is the danger of food. How many reports have you read about how what you prefer to eat causes (bunk, BTW) cancer? Since our common staple is chocolate, we all know what that does to waistlines (when applied in excess, of course… as if there was such a thing as too much chocolate). What about all the microbes which drive mysophobes berserk?

After that, there is the dangers of too much or not enough physical activity after food. It is a wonder we eat anything.


The digital age has insulated us from some of the perils of socialization. Chances are good the guy on the other side of the planet who is really a FAB stalker will not be showing up on your doorstep… even if he is salaciously viewing your pictures. You have the power to block and/or delete cyberbullies. How does any of that mitigate what family will do to you?

It just so happens, those closest to us are the ones who denigrate us more than those who feel they have stature to gain by standing on our heads. After them, there are the friends of convenience, the lover du jour (whether we know it), the unscrupulous,  ladder-climbing colleague and the completely random street stranger with twisted intent.

Socialization is a cake walk, eh?


Right turn, Clyde.

Right turn, Clyde.

With the creatures who crawl the daylight, do we have any doubt why dreams border on nightmares more often than sweet fantasies? Rather than rest when the opportunity arises, we cram more work, more socialization, more hobbies, more entertainment, more exercise, more, more, more into the moments we should be relaxing. We run non-stop all day until our bodies scream, No more!

To mollify it, we coddle it with herbs, narcotics, more exercise or drive it to exhaustion with blue light. When we finally do put head to pillow, it is with a guilty conscience for all we did not accomplish or dread for the morrow.

So, we completely have sleep in the bag.

It is enough to make an ape wonder.

Until next time,Red Signature

If the animal kingdom has it down to its simplest terms, what is wrong with humans? Why the need to complicate things?

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  1. see I wondered how that healing thing was going … brb I need stitches lol.. well I mean it wasn;t all that funny then but looking back 😉

    I don;t know why we make it so complicated. apparently we aren;t happy with just existing but seem to want to make the living part as easy as possible at the same time…

    ♥ Lizzie
    Lizzie Cracked recently posted..A-Z Challenge ; A is for Amazon Mental Moment.My Profile

    • It is not a text message I have sent often 😛

      • well that is comforting… 😉 all at once i wanted to know what happened were you ok what the heck…and also keenly aware of the irritation it could cause to be dinging while you were bleeding out ..or something.. i really wondered if you gave yourself stitches though … so yea they were more than needed id say but the butterflies …well butterflies are stronger than they look .. but you know that already 😉
        Lizzie Cracked recently posted..A-Z Challenge; B is for Botox Mental MomentMy Profile

  2. Your house sounds like grand central station. Never a dull moment.

    We complicate our lives by wanting it ALL. Our four-legged friends do what they need to, and what makes them happy. I can only speak for pets.

    I do what makes me happy–most of the time.
    Tess Kann recently posted..Another Coffee Story To Warm The HeartMy Profile

  3. You did not tell us HOW that came to find your thigh?
    Bearman Cartoons recently posted..…and the winners areMy Profile

    • A dastardly combination of puppy, doorbell, large box, knife and trying not to hit my head on the corner of the dining room table. Just chalk it up to grace and talent.


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