Saturday Evening Post

May 1, 1920 issue The Saturday Evening Post

Write that down.

This week has been replete with truly stupid email, identity crisis issues, discovery and the occasional tantrum. Tonight’s Saturday Evening Post diverges from the what and why in an absolute abandonment of humanity voyeurism…that means it is completely new, BTW. Feel like a quick trip to 1986?

Most weeks better than one in ten.


For every ten stupid emails I get, there is at least one (sometimes three) which are cogent, well thought out and complimentary. They come from the bloggers and writers and fans who know there has to be far more that goes into a post than merely sitting before the keyboard hammering away.

And before anyone gets offended, I read plenty blogs where what goes into a post is the keyboard hammering. I appreciate them because every Saturday evening I am faced with the task. Often, I fail at it miserably. I am much better with research and statistics.

Toilet Talk

toilet instructions

Just follow the directions.

Toilet talk often gets a truly bad name. As a long time subscriber to Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader, I never truly tire of toilet talk and the amazing topics which spring from it. In fact, some of the  best compliments I have ever received are considered toilet talk:

Damn near peed my pants laughing…and that’s saying a lot from me.” ~Email from subscriber

I turned immediately to this….I am so glad I actually stopped first to relieve my bladder!” ~Comment directly on post

Warning: Go pee before you read this…unless you are already wearing a depends…” ~Caption from a Facebook share

It is great to know I can bring a smile to your face. It is equally great to know I am supporting the toilet tissue industry.

I may be left-handed, but I am always in my right mind.

Left-handed Compliments

I have always been a bit bent over the term “left-handed” anything. The negative connotation is hard for me to reconcile based on my own ambidextrous, but very naturally left-handed, state.

Etymology aside, I have gotten a few such compliments recently about my blogging technique:

I would have you guest blog on my space, but you would make me look bad.” ~Part of a chat with a fellow blogger

You do so much, you make the rest of us look bad!” ~Quote from a telephone conversation

Are you really triplets?” ~From a social media conversation regarding time management

No, I just write that much. I also learned to proof the posts at least once before I schedule. Consider this an improvement compliments of the bird-doggers who email me every time I misspell something. I love those. They all have some variation on the theme of “Grammar Nazi” in the subject.

cut heart M3


The Sincere

Not everyone veils the positivity in the friendly jab. Some of the compliments are heartfelt and forward.

I had great fun writing a pseudo-serious post about people who in fact are amazing contributors to the betterment of the blogosphere and social media.” ~From a blogger who wrote about my blogging style in a marketing post

I must say that I’ve also learnt quite a lot!” ~From a blogger I flamed for not having facts

And probably the best one of these I have gotten so far came from my sister on one of my posts this week:

Someday I will go commando, I will work twice as hard and have half as many followers who love me a third as much and read my blog a quarter as often. Then my life will be fulfilled.”

Getting With The Program

I lamented this week there were not enough posts addressing goals (albeit not blogging goals), and it is time for an update on this year’s M3 goals:

  • Words: 181,000 of 1,000,000
  • Visits: 30,500 of 150,000
  • Comments: 5,600 of 15,000

This is the official hats off to you for making them move ever closer.


Tonight, I close with a little something I wrote in another life. I hope your weekend is an enjoyable one spent filled with laughter and surrounded by people who love you, even if you need an electronic device between you.


PS: You know you are part of the most amazing blog family when you can visit from blog to blog on the blog roll and the comments of the amazing posts. Thank you for giving me such good material to read. <3



From the depths of Time
to the caverns of Eternity,
I shall travel in hope to find

The final fragments,
the finishing pieces
to complete my unfulfilled mind.

Alone to trek
through the jungle of personality
and to swim the sea of faces,

By myself I shall find
the things needed
to fill the empty spaces.

Of that fragments
that I need-
companionship, complacency, collectedness,

Refuge for my fears,
Hiding for my anger,
Cure solving pangs of dejectedness.

The web I’m beginning to spin
shall be complex, thought-provoking
and unlike those before

That I’ve spun in haste
only to realize too late
them neither safe nor sure.

In it shall be an enclosure for safety,
when my fears shall be lost into a world of dreams;

A box into which my frustration and anger shall fit
at each day’s end, to set my feelings free;

Music for my time, to soothe my pain,
to accept me as I am and to comfort me;

Protection in my web, to allow that nothing
come between myself and my acquired calm.

Allowance for me to please myself
at every whim, want, or need; inside my own realm.

For the times that my needs must be satisfied
by another, I shall find someone…

Maybe you.


© Red Dwyer 1986-2012
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  1. Enjoyed the poem Red. Have always considered life itself, with all of the synchronicity and connections a spider web.

    Gotta tell you, The Saturday Evening Post image you posted? Have an original litho of this hanging amongst several of my favorite Ouija Boards and related collection on the office wall.
    Good taste as well as fine writing.
    Good-Bye heh.

    • The spider web theme runs through a lot of what I write. I had an entire book I wrote in the late ’80s which was spider related. The parallels are simply too many.

      That is one of my favorite covers of all. I have to admit, nearly twenty years has passed since I saw a decent Ouija board (outside the ones in New Orleans). One day you will have so share some pix 😉

      Thank you, Chick!

  2. LMFAOPIMP (Laughing my freaking a** off peeing in my pants).

    I saw this last week and though it might be helpful in sorting out the toilet talk –

  3. 1986 – It’s when I came to America. My oldest writings only date back to 2007.

    It’s always intriguing to see what’s in your head – and inbox.

    • My mother still claims to have some from the late seventies, but it would be a challenge to find them. I have not seen the trunk from that era in a long time. Glad to see you tonight, Alex. Thanks for the share of the FB poem as well! Red.

  4. I have very little left as far as “stuff” goes (including memorabilia), perhaps that’s a good thing. That may sound like my world has gotten smaller, but the opposite is actually true. Forever a gypsy, I guess.

    The FB poem was too good to not share.

    • Nothing wrong with the gypsy thing. I did it for a long time. At this stage of the game, I am trying to shed some more of my pack-ratishness. Some days, I go through with a bulldozer and haul it all away. Feels good.

  5. Ok…not complimenting you anymore except with the right hand. (kidding).

    Loved this poem, a great deal in fact. I might be one of the few women in the world that actually likes spiders, so this one fascinated me.

    • I absolutely love spiders. I posted a fab pic of a garden spider who watched me stain the back porch and dared me to move her. I left that part unstained until she moved her web to the other side a few days later. She was beautiful.

  6. You impress and provoke thought at the same time, Red.
    Loved the poem, imagined it read in a calm quiet voice.

    • It is one of my smoother ones. The first reading of it was done in a small enough group to support a whisper. I actually like it better that way. Glad you approve, EG. Red.

  7. I enjoy reading your blogs hun, but without any risk to momma’s potty training! 🙂

    You have a good mind and a razor sharp wit when required, so it is usually entertaining if not highly amusing! 🙂

    Keep it up my friend!!! 🙂


    • *Giggles* She would be so proud, Pren! I will be here through Thursday. Try the veal 😉

  8. I like hearing the feedback from those you communicate with and how you are coming along with your blog goals. Keep it up chickie, I am listening! (and maybe will go the bathroom first before reading your posts in the future hehe)

    • Thank you, sweets! No comment on the poem??

      • Hehe well I don’t want to be that predictable alllll the time, now do I?! The poem speaks of a rainbow of emotions that sometimes see the rain brought in life rather than the elusive pot of gold. Yes I enjoyed the poetry!

  9. Beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing.


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