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Pick that up!

Litter is a plague. It is a worldwide problem. Litter generated on one side of the planet can find its way to the other is as little as two weeks. Are you hanging your head because you are part of the problem or holding it up because you are part of the solution?

Philanthropy Is Not Just For Old Rich People

Today’s youth are the adults of the future. Instilling philanthropic values in children, teens and young adults is vital to solve community and global issues. Philanthropy is defined by Merriam Webster as the active effort to promote human welfare. Youth have an abundance of energy which, when harnessed, makes even the most difficult tasks seem […]

Try this on for size.

I published my original opinion on the topic of the Saturday Evening Post on 30MAY07, a result of contemplation of Memorial Day. Yes, this topic has been hanging around for a long time. You may note I updated the opinion last month with new statistics. Feel free to vote in the debate, for as you see, I am not […]