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Dear Shoes

Shoe Closet

I will never admit to owning more than 100 pair. That’s my story.

Letter to Santa

Dear Nicky, As resident intermediary, I have asked for the same thing for a lot of years, so this year I am not sending my standard letter. Instead, I am going to ask for something entirely different. I will keep it brief.


We are going to MAD about waste. Pure and simple…we are going to look at a shameful amount of waste we have every power to control. Controlling it affects gasoline prices, the environment and clutter. Can you Make A Difference?

The Green Mailbox

When considering ways to make a difference and help the environment, have you ever once considered your mailbox as an asset or weapon? Really? Let’s put it to the test in this week’s MAD post.

Oil is not all about gas.

Ever wonder how to impact the consumption of oil? The supply and demand principle is the way. Knee-jerk reaction is stop driving. Yes, that will make an impact, but how would you react if you could make a bigger impact in your kitchen, laundry, bathroom and trash can than you can in your car?