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Fractal Tree of Life

branches tree of life

Almost every culture has a parable comparing life to a tree. We all start with the roots of family, wild and ranging, channeled into a trunk, parents. As we age, we meet others, branch off from the basis of our family and blossom into a one of a kind work of art.

A Change for the Better

This week’s Talk Tuesday led us to today’s topic: Change. Did you change because of a goal you set or did it happen as a result of self-realization? Did you discover you could not tolerate a portion of your identity or did a new branch sprout and begin to blossom?

It IS Half Full.

I have been living with optimism my whole life. The majority of it was spent with plenty drama and trauma. Not giving in to rectal myopia is sometimes difficult, but I have some tricks up my sleeve to help bring my outlook back up. Smile. Things could be worse.” ~Stanley Graham My grandfather was a […]