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two asses

No one consciously wants to be an ass. Regardless, each and every day people assume.

No Bread Please

blue steak

In terms of people skills, I am decidedly lacking in the eyes of corporate America on the basis my sandwiches have no bread. Let’s examine my deliberate lack of carbs.

Mini Me

Innocence is a short period for children. They often get five to six years of bliss before the oppression of the adult world crashes in on them. They are introduced to repressive attitudes, taught hypocrisy and made into charitable liars. Fortunately, it does not happen overnight.

Saturday Evening Post

We have all had time to button our pants back, so grab a cuppa. Snuggle into a rocker. This has been a fun and productive week. The schedule stood on its head. Clyde is curious, as always. Let’s talk.


What was the question?

If you tuned in earlier, we talked about manholes. Talk Tuesday’s discussion goes to the next most logical place: Silverware. This is your chance to talk back. You up for some Truth or Dare? Oh, come on. Are you chicken?