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Saturday Evening Post

In a week where I thought disaster was the norm, are you in for a wild ride? Since we managed a fire and a stabbing in one day, grab a cuppa, snuggle in and hold on. Clyde is primed. Let’s talk.

Flash in the Pan

The campfire cracked and popped. “I knew that pine was too green. Should’ve picked up more of the mesquite. The venison is going to taste funny.”

Guest FTP Post: Gail Thornton

As I am busy building, breaking, coding and recoding, Gail offered to spot me a post. She offers her version of the Flash in the Pan for the word fire.

Clothes Minded

We are actually going to go back into the closet to MAD this Thursday. There is a great need. You are part of the solution. Want to bet there is something you do not know about clothing and shoes? It is time to Make A Difference. Can you kill three birds with one stone?

Fire Reflex


At heart, I have always been a pyromaniac. Fire is comforting on so many levels. It provides warmth and light, both can be harnessed to make many other things possible.