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Heart Heroes

The Little V is busy this season with Hoops for Hearts. She was really specific in the reasons why.

Going in for the Win

The Social Director

So, when it is time to get together, the social director is normally on the ball.

Day 30: All Atwitter

I get excited almost as often as I get defeated. That I even have a post for today is celebration.

Going Broke for Charity

It is one thing to give to charity. It is something else entirely to give someone else’s money to charity. What do you have to lose?

Stuff a Backpack

Do you remember back-to-school shopping when you were a child? The lists, the trying on clothes, the quest for the perfect backpack. Or did you go to school when all we needed was a tablet, slate and a pencil? Either way, we never went to school empty-handed. Let’s MAD about school supplies.