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Writer’s Spotlight: Ian Shaw

Ian Shaw

The entire M3 Coffee Shoppe smelled of apples and cinnamon when Red pulled a tray of Danish onto the cooling rack before spinning icing onto them. Claret was busy shaving chocolate curls for the tops of the cocoa mugs. Who was coming today? Ian Shaw. The big red guy with the massive claws was the […]

Writer’s Spotlight: Re-Red

Gold tipped stilettos

Popping in to the Coffee Shoppe at M3 – well, there is Claret, but where oh where is Red?  She is not so easy to track down these days with her grueling schedule getting Redmund Productions live, but I have come at a lull between the hustle and bustle as the mission is accomplished, and […]

Writers Spotlight: Second Glance

Red heard the kettle and grabbed it and a tray of orange-cranberry scones. She knew from the gaggle of boys in the M3 Coffee Shoppe Ben Woodard was about. She wanted to nail him down about the jump from shorts to novels, the rigors of publishing and marketing via Twitter.

Writer’s Spotlight: Winfred Cook

Red was pulling beignets out of the fryer at the M3 Coffee Shoppe when she heard Claret grab an order for dark and sweet. She knew it was time to see what Winfred Cook had brewing.

Writer’s Spotlight: Second Glance

Theodore Homa, MD

Red was cooling the last of the jars of raspberry jam when she heard Claret ask Bruno to start a pot of Evangeline. She knew the English muffin would be the next item across the screen, so jar in hand she headed out to see what Dr. Theodore Homa had in hand. She wondered if […]