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Writer’s Spotlight: A Recap

What was the question?

Every Writer Wednesday, we gather at the M3 Coffee Shoppe to see who is coming in for java and sweets. Today, Red has a large batch of cappuccino ready, a pitcher of dark and sweet and a platter fresh chocolate drizzled anisette biscotti. Pull up a stool to the coffee bar on the patio.

Writers Spotlight: Samantha Light-Gallagher

Red was busy keeping Claret and Bruno out of the chocolate croissants and white chocolate mocha when a breezy Samantha Light-Gallagher swept into the M3 Coffee Shoppe. With an admonition for the Wombies to mind their paws, Red set out to see what Samantha had to say about Crazy Courage.

Writers Spotlight: John Hawkins

Red knew when she heard giggling in the M3 Coffee Shoppe, she needed to grab the makings for Cuban espresso macchiato, double, of course. Not that she really thought John Hawkins needed either caffeine or demerara, mind you, she was more interested in what he would say about success.

Writers Spotlight: Robin Tidwell

Red was plating some toffee granitas while Claret was making a special batch of peppermint hot chocolate. Both of them knew a little secret. Off on the patio, all the men in Tyvek suits were content with a pitcher hot dark-n-sweet, so they would be out of the way when Robin arrived. How did Red […]

Writers Spotlight: RLB Hartmann

The M3 Coffee Shoppe was just opening for the morning, and Claret said there were three horses tied to the crepe myrtles at the sidewalk. Red knew exactly what to grab. She scalded some milk for a dark roast and snagged a tray of mantecadas with mango and star fruit slices. It was time for […]