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The M3 Coffee Shoppe was just opening for the morning, and Claret said there were three horses tied to the crepe myrtles at the sidewalk. Red knew exactly what to grab. She scalded some milk for a dark roast and snagged a tray of mantecadas with mango and star fruit slices. It was time for breakfast with RLB Hartmann. Red was counting saddlebags as she crossed the café floor.

M3: The Wombies and I know a bit about you, so introduce yourself to the M3 Readers.

RLBH:  I was once Associate Editor of the online “AB Bookman’s Weekly”, a print magazine about scholarly and out-of-print books. Currently serve as reader and devotee at Wombania. Chief interests besides writing are: my spouse, reading, and painting Mexican scenes. Favorite music includes Ray Lynch, Kitaro, Enya, and meditative New Age.

M3: Claret says Twink only has good things to say about you. Do you have anyone to show gratitude?

RLBH: I have EVERYone to thank. Parents and husband, relatives and friends, kind strangers who still read, and generous photographers and composers who are making it possible to create covers and videos.

M3: We do swim in a rather large talent pool. Where did you start swimming?

RLBH: Where… On the bottom, I suppose, as I knew nothing beyond the fact that, while I must write, I wasn’t going to let my well-meaning parents pay anyone to print copies of neophyte novels to sit crated in our basement.

M3: I believe we should all be telling new authors precisely that not to do. In that same vein, what advice do you have for the newbie author looking to put out the first book?

RLBH: Write from the heart. Rewrite with your head. Grow and learn about life, structure and language usage, and keep notes. Market as though there is no tomorrow.

M3: Excellent mix, RLB. Let’s talk about the Corderos. With your unique setting, did the genre pick you?

RLBH: Elswyth Thane Beebe hooked me with her Williamsburg novels while I was in high school, so when my Corderos became a clan, it was natural to strive for historical accuracy and scope.

M3: Besides its time and place, what makes Tierra del Oro different from the hosts of others on the market?

RLBH: I don’t know of any other 9-book continuing novel featuring middle-class Mexicans, set in Mexico from the Apache wars until General Obregón comes to power in 1920. The Cordero saga follows four generations of a family in peace and war, and was extensively researched though I never let historical details detract from the fictional characters and their stories.

M3: No, you do not because it is easy to feel like I am sitting in front of the cantiñero with a tequila. To put in the work for nine books, this has to be close to your heart.

RLBH: Tierra del Oro began a very long time ago, so I’ve had time to learn not only about the characters and their world, but the culture of a people I’ve come to respect.

M3: Some of your characters are so very endearing. Where do you find time write so prolifically?

RLBH: I found most of the time during a 6-year period when my husband had a “real” job, and I was undistracted from morning till evening. Before and after that, I gave up other pleasures like travel, TV, reading, and painting (not to mention housekeeping) in order to finish what I’d started.

M3: I am pretty certain all authors would give up chores to have a book in print. Do you have a day job which interferes with your writing?

RLBH: I had a day job which had its ups and downs. While there were many rewards (not monetary, unfortunately), I’m extremely happy to have left it behind.

M3: So, has economy changed anything for you?

RLBH: Since the economy is hurting everyone, I can’t stock up a table full of books for a book signing.

M3: Let’s talk industry. Any grievance with publishing on the whole?

RLBH: I rejoice that the industry has changed enough to allow me freedom to make the novels more or less the way I want them. I just wish it had happened 10 years ago.

M3: Standing right beside you for that one. Do you think the rein on creative license is the traditional industry differentiating itself from self-published works it sees as inferior?

RLBH: In the recent past, many traditionalists saw self-produced material as inferior because much of it was, and is. But as the quality of such work improves, so will its reputation.

M3: The sales numbers will help that progress along. You have been both routes. Have you scored any triumphs over the traditional industry?

RLBH: Living long enough to forget about going the traditional route.

M3: It really is nice to be your own boss. The distinction puts you alongside a diverse group. How do you feel about your colleagues?

RLBH: I respect my colleagues for their bravery, perseverance, and accomplishments.

M3: Another facet to your business is marketing Tierra del Oro. How important is your personal social media marketing?

RLBH: Marketing my work myself is an integral part of the process, and I enjoy meeting new readers and making my own graphics.

M3: You put a lot of excellent effort into your cover art and trailers. What do you have in the works?

RLBH: I plan to publish a few other books already written but not in the saga.

M3: Diversity. I like it. You are not mentioning a break. No hiatus for you?

RLBH: I’ve steadily written one thing and another for most of my life. When the series ends in December this year, I will refocus my time toward painting.

M3: I can call you a name I am often called: Driven. What is there you like to keep on the sly?

RLBH: How long it took me to get where I am.

M3: Let’s gloss right over that in favor of one of my favorite parts of the interview. Put on your agent sombrero and tell the M3 Readers in 15 words or less why Tierra del Oro is for them.

RLBH: The Corderos face universal conflicts, in a Mexico that today’s readers can never experience firsthand.

M3: Time travel in a way most never consider. Looking forward to seeing you again when #9 hits the stands.
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  1. Another stimulating interview. I agree RLBH (I hope you don’t mind, especially since we do not know each other), as has been mentioned, you have been interviewed by the best.

    Your book does indeed peek my interest, not that I’ve been a Mexican- or rugged-life or western type fan prior to your interview. As I become more mature, I find I am interested in EVERYthing nowadays.

    Congratulations on your publication.
    Tess Kann recently posted..Flash in the Pan – LighteningMy Profile

    • Hi, Tess. Thanks for the kind words. I hope to hang around Red’s place in the future, so getting to know each other is a distinct possibility. In some circles, I’ve become known as LuciBuck, so if you see her around, it’s probably just me. ; )

  2. I use LuciBuck in posts and emails, but not as a sign-in or profile name.

    • Your choice. You are welcome to whichever you choose 😉 We are really informal around here!

      • Informal is one of my favorite words. Thanks, Red, for building a great spot for readers and writers to converge.

        • You are so very welcome. The interaction is great for all of us. For me, it is a great exercise in remembering there are still intelligent people who read. <3

  3. She’s got the right idea, giving up TV and other pleasures, as she says. You have to cull out nonproductive activities to make room for the productive ones!

    Great interview. It was interesting to learn more about a fellow author.
    John Hawkins recently posted..5 Steps to Plan for SuccessMy Profile

    • Great to see you, John. Indeed she does have her system very fine-tuned. She has quite a few in the offering. Definitely worth the look.

    • Hey, John! Thanks for your post. It’s always a pleasure for me to meet fellow authors.

  4. “Write from the heart. Rewrite with your head. Grow and learn about life, structure and language usage, and keep notes. Market as though there is no tomorrow.”

    Great statement!
    John M Hawkins recently posted..Examine Those Who Have Found Success to Be a SuccessMy Profile

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