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Where’s my nap?


Yesterday, you found out about my absence. Any idea what happened whilst I was gone?

Where have you been?

When I opened the SIB today, I was greeted with more good than stupid. This is a post to let you know what the current situation is.

Saturday Evening Post

A few quick M3 updates and a bit on MFM are lined up in front of Clyde, but we will get to him quickly. Grab a cuppa and snuggle into a rocker. The moon is beautiful tonight.

Techno Failure

Many thanks to the talented folks at WordPress who supply the software which powers the blog on M3. Really. Those are sincere thanks. Today is one of those days you are (undoubtedly) glad there is no soundtrack to M3.

Newsflash: Error Resolved?

This is merely a test of the post system. If you had been having errors loading or commenting on any post on M3, it should be resolved at this juncture. If you have a problem with this or any other post, please let me know. Guess how it was fixed.