The Great American Turn Off

light switch

Turn it off.

Are you part of the Great American Turn Off?  If it is electric, turn it off. You can save money on that incessant electric bill.

Look out for Number 1!

How many clocks are plugged in your wall sockets?  Wear a watch and donate all those clocks to charity.

How many television converter boxes, cell phone chargers, music players and printers are draining the electricity from your wallet? Become a “#1” household.


What in your house is on all the time? Aquarium? Outdoor lights? Water fountains? Electric pet fences?

Turn off a few.  Use the ones you keep less often.

Nuclear Warning

If it glows, it uses electricity.  The clocks on the microwave and stove are using electricity 24/7.  Turn them off.

Computer, monitor, printer, scanner, fax machine… Some of them are using power when you are not using them. Put them on a power strip and turn them off when you are not using them.

Are the batteries in the charger full? Rechargeable tools, vacuums, flashlights? Green light means the battery is full. Unplug them.

Is your laptop charged? Unplug it. Your battery will last longer if it is not constantly dragging power through the cord.

Talk Money!

Turning off three things in your house will drop your consumption by around three kilowatt hours. Dropping a measly THREE (3) kilowatt hours per day, you can save around 35 cents a day. Not worth the effort? Let’s do the math…

  • 35¢ a day (May buy a newspaper.)
  • $10 a month (Three gallons of gasoline)
  • $125 a year (A night out for the family)
  • $625 in five years (Half a house note)
  • $1,250 in ten years

If you had to hang your head for not being a #1 household, you could be upping those savings by double and triple. Is it worth $400 a year to turn it off?

What would you unplug for that kind of money?


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  1. I really like the math addition! It does add up.

    • Yes, it does. Welcome to M3, Jennifer. You will meet more like-minded blogs in The Green Room (top of the page).

  2. I want an electric bill of zero, closest I’ve come is like $30 and $50 bills, but I had to turn everything but the t.v. I was watching off. Now trying to turn the t.v. off to have silence is a battle. It seems no one can do anything without background noise. I thought about throwing it out, I’ve done that before, but I worked to hard to pay cash for it. I lost my thought. It’s about time to turn the air off and open the windows all day an night to keep it cool inside, and let in fresh air.
    Laurie recently posted..Flash in the Pan Playing Along StillMy Profile

    • I wish it were cool enough for that now. I look forward to fall for that reason. I really wish I could sleep with them open.

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