The post which was supposed to go live today was swallowed in its fully linked entirety. Despite my typing speed, I have not the inclination to recreate it today. We will return to schedule on Thursday. Meanwhile…

If you have not recently run through the fabbo websites in the Alumni Club and the Green Room (or left a link to your place there), today is a great day to do that.

In the right column is the Filing Cabinet for you to choose a category. You might be amused to see some of them.

The tabs under the header are the features for which The M3 Blog has become known.

Under The Map you will find the series which have captivated many and still get hits. Under The Green Room, you will find a couple blog hops which may bounce you into someone who you would love to read.

Tomorrow, our Wordless Wednesday feature will return. I have installed the software to make fractals on my new machine… which actually has letters on all the keys. *grins*

See you soon.

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What is your favorite feature around The M3 Blog?

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  1. Save and save often
    Bearman recently posted..Bo Dallas SignMy Profile

    • Saved and scheduled. My host moved my database. Apparently they did not back it up before moving it. It must be so terrible to be unable to follow simple directives.

  2. Today, I thought I lost a project I’ve been working for last while. Forgot I saved it to a new name. Whew.

    Sorry to hear the electronic demons are out partying.
    Tess recently posted..100-Word Challenge for Grownups – Week #147My Profile

  3. Very nicely done…. time, not killed, but, gently put to sleep, with purpose, dignity, and built in teasers, tickling our taste buds & still managing to send us off happy, just as if we’d eaten a full meal…


    I know, mixing metaphors, but, what’s the fun in straight talk? ‘Specially when I’m silly from poly-pharmacological consumption to deal with the last few days of SS… screaming skeleton…

    Can’t wait to see the newest fractals… even IF you now know what you’re creating ahead of time….

    Take care, luv, & take any thing from me today with a couple grains of NaCl, ‘kay?

    gigoid, the dubiously cogizant

    gigoid recently posted..Eleventeen of one, twelve dozen of the other….My Profile

    • I keep a shaker handy just for such occasions. Hope you are more in the pink today than yesterday. xxx

  4. You have letters on the keys? NOOOOOOOOOOOO.
    Glad to see you in good humor.
    Laurie recently posted..Sensory OverloadMy Profile

    • And a full keyboard. Number pad and everything. Fortunately, I use the touchscreen far more than I do the keyboard. 😉

  5. Wow a new laptop is it? Well I know what you mean about the missing letters on keypads and the like, but hey let me concentrate on the posting in hand 🙂

    It is so frustrating when a full posting vanishes like that, so much so that now I always copy before I click on the post, it saves such a vast amount of time and is an easy solution to a very annoying happening.

    Have a wonderful start to your Monday Red and watch out for those bloody glitches, they are everywhere these days 🙁 Grrrrr

    Andro xxxx

    • Ah, well. My grandmother used to say, if you cannot remember, it must have been a lie. 😉 LOL Wise woman, she.


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