Noah Webster

This is actually Noah.

After all this time, you should know Merriam Webster is on my Christmas card list. I decided to look up the definition (Yes, I do that.), and found what I suspected I would find…so much more than the connotation we use on an everyday basis. The metamorphosis of the lexicon.

We all know those who are versatile can turn from one thing to another with comparative ease. After all, the word originates from versare and vertere, which both mean to turn. Other dictionaries included varying definitions:

  • Inconstant
  • Changeable
  • Variable
  • Reversible
  • Adaptable
  • Protean

Yuck. This completely blows my theory of absolutes and inflexible behavior. Am I really giving off the vibe of utter wishy-washy-dom? Are my opinions that retractable? Do they fluctuate and vacillate? Is there a draft in here?

Sanity Sets In

Fortunately for me (and you), Lauren just went with the socially acceptable (albeit far from first) definition when awarding M3 the Versatile Blogger Award. Lauren’s Crazy Journey is a place where you will want to be hanging out on a regular basis. And if you forget the name of this post, you can always find her through The Green Room and the many blogs which M3 has nominated in The Trophy Room.

Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Award


Most of us know the rules, but for the newcomers, let’s be kind.

1. Thank the person who gave you the award.

Lauren, I hope you know I really appreciate this. I would have written a note by hand, but most people frown on my asking for their physical address at inappropriate times. Something about stalking and harassment and paparazzi and police intervention. You understand, right?

2. Include a link to the nominator’s blog.

Did you read the last section? Oh, alright. Stop by Lauren’s Crazy Journey. Do be mindful of to keep your navel covered. Really.

3. Select 15 blogs you have recently discovered or follow regularly.

The point of this is to not choose blogs which bite. Well, I know some of the M3 Readers like biters, but this is a completely different connotation. The laundry list will be posted in a subsequent section after all the admonishments.

4. Nominate the 15 blogs by leaving a link to your site.

Spam. You must love it. No. How about I be utterly sneaky about the entire thing? Let the M3 Readers and pingbacks do the spamming courting. That is a much more fabulous idea.

5. Reveal to the nominator seven secrets about yourself.

Since I have already revealed more than 75 secrets about myself, this part is always the challenge. I am not much of a secret keeper in the first place. Big V has had to help me with this one more than once. Let’s see if I can come up with seven on my lonesome.


Seven: I am amazed my children and pets ever pay attention when I call their names. The name I use is not the ones I originally gave them. Not to say I do not like the names I gave them, I did in fact choose most of them. Calling everyone around me by another name is one of my hallmarks.

Merriam Webster LogoSix: The only thing domestic about me is I was born in this country. You pick the definition. It still applies.

Five: If left to my own devices, I would create all day long. I would not answer email. I would not do chores. I would not even talk on the telephone (well, maybe speakerphone). I would make beautiful things.

Four: What I want for Easter is a covey. You get to guess which kind.

Three: If I could go back in time, I would not.

Two: I can discern the pigment ratio in most colors, which means I can match anything from fabric to paint.

One: I have recently lost all desire to make an impact in person.


If you recall from the spamming courting paragraph above, I have little desire to go paste a link to this post on anyone else’s blog in the comments section. I much prefer the more covert technique of having M3 Readers commenting on posts which caught my attention. Let the shrouding begin!

Ahmnodt Heare for President: If ever America needed a leader, it is today. Since politics are strictly prohibited on M3, I need a wee bit of an outlet for my political angst. Ahmnodt is seeking international support in his campaign. Join the movement.

Articles of Absurdity: In a shining example of the dumbing down of the American lexicon, this nominee shows precisely how idiotic some of the accepted uses for words really are. Remember to tag her post.

Aurora Morealist: Her play on words with the title of her blog is an amazing insight, which she readily shares in more creative ways than most anyone in the blogosphere. Whether you like your insight in an essay, a picture or a poem, the aurora is bright.

Barking in the Dark: He is uber busy after having been freshly pressed, but you will enjoy his take on a disturbing trend with _____philiac leanings. The blank is a variable based on personal choices.

Becoming Cliché: The complete trials of life are conquered in the path to becoming cliché. Have you ever tried balancing a family, an ancient cat and baby tortoises? A day in the life…

Boob Juice: There are some days when the entire world needs the skateboard to Hades. On those days, having a real friend, not just a Quaint, is the best medicine. Oh, that and a killer mixed tape CD.

Ginger Fight Back: Someone needs to stand up for xanthous men and women the world over. If anyone can do, he can. But he needs a little help. That is where you come into the picture comments.

How The Cookie Crumbles: Ever wonder about the bliss which awaits when you escape the workaday world? So does she. Can you identify any of these people in your midst? Help her figure out the snarkiest way to deal with retirement.

I Am Not Defined: Well, that is not entirely true. Great advice and a firm foundation on what life should bring and how to get it. Sounds like a grand definition.

Mental Pills: You think things in your world are crazy? Check out what happens when part of your innermost advisory team is a talking sock.

Mystery Coach: Like me, this nominee is not well served by the alternate definitions of versatile, but as to being adroit at a great many things…we have that in common as well.

Random Thoughts: This is really a three-fer. You get Phil, whose random thoughts amuse, delight and confound; Totsy Mae, whose art is a thing of beauty and whose words touch the heartstrings; and Kim, whose heartbreaking story birthed a perseverance the likes of which the world needs.


Some of the foregoing bloggers were awarded this and other awards recently. They will not be pinging back here in an award post of their own. When you get there, just tell them Red sent you. I love to make people wonder.

Just a note: The names are all linked to the blogs you really need to visit.

Just a question: Any idea which kind of covey?

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  1. Red sent me. I will dedicate a blog entry to this award when i return from vacation on either Tuesday or Wednesday.

    • Red

       /  March 10, 2012

      Good to see you. You know you really should not answer blog posts on your cell whilst you drive. You might misspell something. 😉 Have a good time…see you when you get back!

  2. Thanks for the blog plug Red.
    What’s a covey???

    • Red

       /  March 13, 2012

      The home of a mating pair or brood. Welcome to your first M3 vocabulary lesson. We do this all the time 😉

  3. Bear

     /  March 14, 2012

    Well deserved !!!!!!!!

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