Day 29: Odd


My mother used to tell people I never met a stranger because there were no stranger. She is right.

To say anything about me which does not include the words eccentric, odd, strange, outright bizarre or just plain weird would be a half-truth. In fact, I am very odd.

Regardless of how normal I seem to me, normal is a setting on the dryer. This post was both fun and one I wish did not have a limit… much like Day 7: I only get 5?


Although the majority of what I eat is directly as it occurs in nature, all the way to my affinity for tartar (Pick a meat… they are all good.), there is one thing which even my omnivorous, bottomless pits think I am strange for liking.


No, not just calamari. I do like it fried, but I prefer it raw.

The Eyes Have It.

Everyone is familiar with my eyes. They are hard to miss on the header. When Liz designed that header for M3, she had asked me for eye images for something else entirely. I sent her a few, but she took a cruise through my social media galleries to find the one which just struck her.

She chose this one for a few reasons, not the least of which is in it my eyes were green. If you see me in person, you will see the blue first. (People have no problem with where Man Cub gets his.) Many people comment on the depth of the blue in my eyes.

Bearman made mine teal in his caricature of me.

(The links in the last two paragraphs will open in new tabs so you can see the difference.)

So, who is right?

Look them in the eye when you speak.

They all are. My eyes change colors based on my mood and health. The rims of the irises are deep blue. The middles range from dark blue to greyish white. The center around the pupil is yellow… not green, yellow.

When I am happy, they are blue. When I am busy, they are green. When I am angry or in pain, they are barely grey… mostly white. Only two people have ever seen them yellow. Neither wants to discuss it on camera or ever again.


They are all mine.


I will never lie and say I think my shoe habits are weird; however, when I appeared at the park wearing one of my fave pairs of hiking shoes I got a plethora of looks. When I was successfully scaling the trail and walked more than two miles in them, the judgmental looks changed to head-shaking I don’t know how you do it.

hiking shoes

Yard Dog

Over the years I have innumerable out of the box pets: jaguar kittens, peafowl, guineas, Canadian geese, raccoon, squirrels, iguanas, snakes of various sizes and eating habits, owls, are you getting the picture?

How about what I let my older children feed off our back porch when they were toddlers?

gator babies

Yes, the Louisiana yard dog. We had little ones in the house in an aquarium, but the big ones swam in the bayou in our backyard.

Board Room

As a reigning multitasking queen, I have a large propensity to mix tasks others would not consider in the same hour, much less at the same time. My favorite room of the house is the bathroom. One of the norms in my house is for me to say, Let me set up the laptop in the bathroom. 

Please hold whilst I warm the water.

Please hold whilst I warm the water.

Then, it is not uncommon for me to invite perfect strangers to bathe with me. There are a large number of the M3 Readers who have joined me in the bath even though we have never been in the same state. Does that make me a closet Turk? *shudder*

Even the room is odd. I have a filing system in the bathroom, a tower beside the tub for the computer and Crackberry and art hanging on the wall which is over 90 years old.

What’s your verdict? Do these things make me weird? What about you is weird?

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  1. that color change falls under Hazel,

    Hmm, I’ve been known to sit in the bathroom floor and type away. At the time it was the one room I could be left alone in.

    • All eyes which change color are hazel even if most people consider hazel green to brown and amber to brown color changes. Blue to green or blue to brown are also hazel. Mine are generally classed blue because of the small amount of yellow in them. It all stems from double alleles for eye color. Yes… yet again, I am a statistic. My grandmother had one green and one blue, neither hazel.

  2. I reckon if weird was water we would all be kind of wet.
    Bo Lumpkin recently posted..Absence of MindMy Profile

  3. Everyone is weird I think, just to different degrees, and in different areas. Maybe that makes all us weirdos normal.
    Binky recently posted..Thinking Out Of The BoxMy Profile

  4. I am still trying to decipher what is the ‘weird’ part. Seems fine with me.

    Though I don’t have the same ‘tastes’, it makes you no more weird than I am to you. I hope…… 😉
    C. Brown recently posted..Byke RideMy Profile

  5. You’re not weird. Or maybe you are. So am I! Weird means not being like a zillion other lemmings, so it’s a good thing, as Martha would say. My son’s eyes are the greenest of green, my eyes are brown, his dad’s eyes are blue. My tugboat man’s eyes are blue and grey and change sort of like yours.
    Enchanted Seashells, Confessions of a Tugboat Captains Wife recently posted..Lemon Meringue CupcakesMy Profile

    • I happen to think weird makes the world an interesting place. I have a hard time conceptualizing “weird”. If you grab the link for the picture of Man Cub, you will see he is a blue-grey bottomless pools. 🙂 xxx

  6. Oh crap, if you’re weird I must be …oh never mind
    frigginloon recently posted..Snakes Alive and Owner Not SoMy Profile

  7. Weird? What is this weird and what does it mean. Perhaps it was weird to find out someone takes baths with starngers not really…changing eye colors.. effing cool in my book.. the gators are kind of weird to me.. but in relation to you I can see it and it is not longer…weird. Weird is the unusual and do we say about ourselves what is weird then if we are familiar with our habits and quirks. weird.. you aren;t weird..not anymore 😉 and I can’t think of one weird thing about me ..not at all.. weird right?
    Much Love and ..i would be intersted to know what is..was weird about me to you.. lol
    <3 Lizzie
    Lizzie Cracked recently posted..Weekly Photo Challenge; EscapeMy Profile

    • I do not think there was anything weird about you, then or now. I cannot think of anything really weird. Why do you think I asked? xxx

  8. benzeknees

     /  May 30, 2013

    I would say your preferences make you odd, but I’m not sure about weird. If you have young children, I can easily see why you would consider the bathroom as a sanctuary – I used my bathroom for a breather when I needed to be away for a minute. Unlike a lot of other people, I like organ meat – kidneys & liver in particular. I was raised on organ meat & I still like it. So I would not judge your eating preferences.

    • There are very few things I do not eat. Organs are one of them, yet it does not stop me from flavoring other dishes with them. I think nothing weird about that. Merely the use of different taste buds. 🙂

  9. Hmmm… My eyes are Hazel and I have no idea if they change colour! 🙂

    Weird is just being different to people who claim to be normal.

    We just don’t claim the high ground! 😉

    Truth is that normal is the majority verdict on themselves, not us!

    If we don’t fit in their little boxes they call us weird… 🙂

    Welcome fellow weird persons!!! 🙂

    Love and hugs!

    Prenin recently posted..Wednesday – First dose of sleeping pills.My Profile

  10. Great post Red. You aren’t weird…I think eccentric is a better word. I love the pets you’ve had but won’t touch calamari with a ten foot pole. I also have hazel eyes and they change from brown to green. I’ll take pics close-up pics one day.

    I’m sure that some other people think I’m weird…but I don’t. 🙂
    Wendy Reid recently posted..FTP: Busboy – 75 WordsMy Profile

    • Wendy, you took the word right from under my fingers. I am not odd. I am not weird. Eccentric is the right word for me and all my friends. Including you peeps. ; )

    • I do not either. I felt a bit of a fraud using food and likely would not have were it not for my children choosing the word. 😉


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