Wordlessly Wednesday

You know the rules… no peeking and be as creative with the titles as possible.

Fractal Art



Fractal Art


Fractal Art


Fractal Art


BW Fractal Art


Which one is your favorite? Did the last one appear or disappear as you scrolled past? What would you name them?

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  1. These are absolutely great Red
    and here are my ideas…

    1/ Natures Reach
    2/ Red Nucleus
    3/ Cubic Glow
    4/ Rapid Infinity
    5/ High Intensity

    Wow you are getting everyone thinking with these beauties Red but I always enjoy these Fractal postings of yours my great friend 🙂

    Hey a bit early to celebrate but…
    🙂 HAPPY 4TH JULY 🙂

    Andro xxxx

    • I love your #4. You are one of the ones who never tells me a favorite. Which one do you like???

      And it is never too early to celebrate the Fourth.

  2. I love these too! The variety is astounding. Here go my guesses:

    #1 Fir tree
    #2 Jupiter
    #3 Neon dance
    #4 Alien glob
    #5 Sprirograph for advanced users

  3. 1. Fossil
    2. Blood
    3 Scream

    5. Ghost
    C. Brown recently posted..Today’s CanvasMy Profile

  4. Ferns
    Red Blood Cell
    Energy Field
    Eye of a Lizard
    Binky recently posted..Church SaleMy Profile

  5. As always, no names from me.
    But they look like you have autumn/winter on your mind…
    El Guapo recently posted..Oh Joy. The 80s Live On…My Profile

  6. The first one looks like a furn.
    The second one, parasites.
    The third one, vagina.
    The forth one, i don’t even know.
    The last one, will hypnotize you if you look too long…
    virginiamoore30 recently posted..Don’t judgeMy Profile

  7. Hi Red…
    this time I’ll read everyone else’s comments AFTER I try some names…
    1) Purple waves of Grain
    2) The Bubble System
    3) Abra Ca Dabra
    4) Underground Tunnels
    5) The Whitest Shade of Pale (I couldn’t resist that one!)

    lovely again, as always, Red… since my fractal muse has been utterly quiet lately, I’m glad to have this chance to practice my titling chops… thanks, indeed!!!

    happy holiday to you, my friend and your whole clan…

    BuddhaKat recently posted..NeologismsMy Profile

    • LOL for #5. Love that song. Hope you can the rest of the krewe had a grand Fourth. So, what is with the defection of naming a favorite? xxx

  8. 1. Enchanted forest
    2. Bloody trip
    3. Never mind
    4. Oh crap Im on the lizards back..
    5. cool beans.. (that’s not the name I choose its just a statement.. 🙂

    I can;t pick a favorite today//
    much love <3
    Lizzie Cracked recently posted..Bipolar Bytes; You Can’t Color Me Normal, so that makes me…wrong?My Profile

    • LOL! at #3 and #4. For a post where I did not see many animals, I am all by my lonesome!!! xxx <3

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