Wordless Wednesday

Welcome back to the shortest posts besides flash on M3! This year (same as last year), choose what you would name them and which one is your favorite. No peeking at what my answers are! At the end, I will tell you mine names for the last ones I posted.

Red Dwyer - Fractal Art

Red Dwyer - Fractal Art


Red Dwyer - Fractal Art


Red Dwyer - Fractal Art


Red Dwyer - Fractal Art

One reminds me of a sci-fi movie. One makes me want to dive. One makes me want to convert arachnophobes.

Remember when…

If you were around for the last set of fractals, the names were…

1. Cosmic Fans (Bearman thought one was looking at him.)

2. Mattisse’s Skirt

3. Ring Around the Posey

4. I can’t find my bracelet. (Phil thought it looked like stars and planets.)

5. Star Fall

Your favorite was number five. I loved the names you gave #1 and the things you saw in it! My favorite was Mattisse’s Skirt or Ring Around the Posey, depending entirely on the angle at which I viewed them.

Star Fall looks like a skull from across the room.

Cosmic Fans reminds me of Star Trek.

Mattisse’s Skirt makes me wish I could paint from memory.

Which one is your favorite? What would you name them? Can you see the sci-fi movie in one?

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  1. Pay no attention to the last comment.
    1 party hair
    2alien Super Bowl rings
    3 roman arena
    4 alien head spin
    5 dancing peacocks
    JB recently posted..WHAT DO YOU SAY?My Profile

  2. I am just admiring your gorgeous looking Fractals, and wondering what the next set will be? You have a wicked and creative mind so I know that they will have intricate details, amongst other things and you never fail to please around here, that’s for sure 🙂 🙂

    Right I will just prepare you one of those Spambo Wambo burgers from Twink’s kitchen, pour you a hefty measure of chocolate fudge milkshake and share my last piece of Easter egg with you, I know how you love a bit of that 🙂 Hey the chocolate cheeky 😉

    Catch you in the blogosphere soon my dear Red, and hey don’t be doing anything that I might do either, or else? 🙂

    Andro xxxx

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