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Wordless (ish) Wednesday

Not completely wordless. More like fill-in-the-blank.

This week’s name-that-fractal has a couple rules. For your answers:

1. At least one of them has to have more than one name.

2. At least one of them has to have a name of more than one word.

3. At least one of them needs to be your favorite.

Oh, and no cheating. Click to make them larger. Some of them, the details may change your initial idea for a title.

Irish Throwing Star



Golf Pants Fractal Art


sunflower spiral fractal art


Peacock Orbit Fractal Art


Couples Skate Fractal Art


Although I have a lot of fun with this feature of The M3 Blog, I want your opinion. Do you have a second to answer a question for me? After you comment, fill out the brief, one question form. It is completely anonymous. Thank you!

What did you name them and which is your favorite?

Hashtags: #fractals #art

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  1. Molly Babin

     /  March 22, 2013

    1. Transformer micro chip
    2. Poked in the damn eye
    3. Greek wreath
    4. Acid
    5. Cpt Nemo’s coral

    1 and 5 my fav.

    • Ooooh! I love these! I cannot get over everyone seeing eyes in #2. LOL! Great to see you this morning. xxx

      • Molly Babin

         /  March 22, 2013

        #2 looks like what I saw cussing and crying after I was clearing off the side of the lake and got whacked in the eye by a branch coming off an excited helper chicken butt.

        Sometimes “help” isn’t all its cracked up to be.
        I feel like death and its friday with the weekend coming and rain in forcast…. I think I should just run away and avoid the hormone fights with the girls.

        • Amen to that. Some days, I wish the help would just quit. Especially all the four-legged help. You need to go see my new addition. Le sigh. He is so cute. xxx

  2. My fave is the last one – love the colors!! The one above it has to be named ‘whooosh!’ Hehe. Okay I’m not following all of your naming rules here but I do adore the designs 🙂
    Christy Birmingham recently posted..Eliminate Bullying with True ColorsMy Profile

    • Rules schmules. This one is meant to be fun. I had a good time with those colors! Great to see you today, Christy. xxx

  3. The 4th one looks like animals chasing something– maybe it is a dog, since there is a paw there. I don’t know, though, I am not too good with art.
    Derek Mansker recently posted..Trusting God Fleshed OutMy Profile

  4. 1. “Death” 2. “Lunar System” or “Universal Party” 3. “Nature Trip” 4. “Firefly Rave” 5. “Flashback” I like the “Firefly Rave” the best.

  1. F.R.A.C.T.A.L.S. | BuddhaKat

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