Taken for Granted

cat litter box scoopThe little things that people do for others are often taken for granted until they are no longer there to do them for you. It could be as simple as changing the cat litter and taking the trash out or as complicated as making it possible for you to survive emotionally, physically or financially. What would you do if you woke up in the morning to discover the one you had taken for granted was no longer there to take care of everything for you?

Examining yourself is difficult; admitting that you are dependent on someone else is extremely difficult. The realization that you have been taking someone for granted is a tough pill to swallow. Responsibility is something that everyone should take for themselves. With the exception of your mother, there is not a person on this planet that is likely to be willing to take responsibility for you and your needs, should you find the rare person that gives you all you need without taking, it is up to you to ensure you are properly appreciative and doing your part to prevent burning them out.

Thank You Card

The words are free.

Everyone has things they have to do. The amount of things on the list will vary, but there are things neglected when someone has to do everything for someone else. A simple “thank you” is not too much to ask, but sometimes it is inadequate. More inadequate is complaining when results were not what you desired while someone else did everything for you. Ungrateful does not begin to describe what this behavior makes you.

Adults, given no physical limitations, or mental deficit, should be able to perform the tasks necessary to take care of themselves. The ability to take responsibility for successes and failures should be had as well. We can lay blame all day. While there may have been circumstances and interference beyond our control, in the end, it is up to each of us individually to make our own decisions and live with the choices that we have made. While factors affect those choices, often we forget that we have the option to walk away from those who would drag us down, and show true appreciation to those who make our lives easier just by being in them.

Have you said “thank you” today? Are you taking responsibility or laying blame? What would you do if you woke up tomorrow to find the one that did everything was gone? They walked away from you as easily as you ignored them focusing on your own selfish needs?

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  1. We forget sometimes, this is such a simple thing and a wonderful reminder.

    Thank you.
    Valentine Logar recently posted..FTP 10 AshamedMy Profile

    • Thank you, I felt that it was due. There are some rather special people being taken for granted because they possess skills others do not. Now if everyone could remember more often the world would be a great place.

  2. I find it to be quite alarming how much we take for granted, generally. I say thank you to my volunteers every change I get. I say thank you to my children because I want them to do the same. Even so, I know I take people for granted all the time.

    Back when we had the Blizzard I wrote this — http://nothrowaways.wordpress.com/2013/02/12/whatever-happened-to-thank-you/
    I think we expect so many things like spoiled children and then forget what it costs for someone to provide that for you.
    Derek Mansker recently posted..God gives, gives, and then gives — Precious indeed!My Profile

    • It is good to model, you teach your children so well when you show them what to expect. It is a shame that we forget what it costs others to do for us and act as spoiled children at times.

  3. Very few of us could survive totally on our own, isolated from everyone else. We’re probably a lot more dependent on others than we think we are, directly and indirectly. And we probably ignore the ones closest to us more than others.
    Binky recently posted..Waterproof First AidMy Profile

  4. It is a sad thing indeed that we take those closest to us for granted at times–a huge mistake. “We don’t realize what we have until it’s gone” comes to mind. Thank you for reminding us, Red.

  5. I guess there are many of us that take others for granted and the worst part is that it is only realised when that person stops helping out, of course by then it is usually too late 🙁

    A fine posting Red and I hope that you are having a nice afternoon, I haven’t been around WP much lately, just adding bits here and there but after the weekend I should be showing up more so get ready for that 🙂 lol

    Have fun this evening 😉 xxxx

  6. This is beautiful, thanks for the perspective.

  7. This is such a great post with even better advice, Red…how often do we take people or things for granted, sometimes without realizing it?
    I’m going to use something as an example, digging a little deeper and I hope you don’t mind…
    I went to a school event last night with my son (senior in h.s.). The subject was human trafficking, based on a book the school is reading to bring awareness. A “survivor” was there to tell her story.
    Fast forwarding, this issue is not only international, but domestic, as well, and while we sit in our comfortable homes, there are girls (and boys) living in hellish situations.
    Moral to this seriousness..sometimes we complain about the most irrelevant things and don’t realize just how lucky and fortunate we are to be living the life we’re living, when others are living in environments not even comprehensible…
    I sat in the audience last night, thinking how lucky we are, even with the trials we have to endure. So, this is still fresh on my mind and I appreciate you listening and for this awesome post! ♥
    LScott recently posted..TimelessMy Profile

    • I never mind. In fact, I prefer it. There were many who used to ask me how I could work in the legal field and witness so many broken lives and not spiral hopelessly into despair. I was very blunt about it. I appreciated how much worse my life could be. I am grateful everyday. I cannot remember a day in the last couple decades where I did not tell someone thank you. I hope there will never be another. I am so very glad you got to see this post, Lauren <3 And glad to see you. xxx

  8. Good to know and I am the same way, Red, probably saying “thanks” too much, like a broken record. But, too much is better than not saying it at all. And basically, there are always people worse off and people better off. But, some of these circumstances are just too horrible to even think about. It sounds trivial, but my heart goes out to all these children who are suffering in this way. I’m going to look into the organizations and see what we can do. At least donating money will help them continue to help the girls they take care of…Well, have a wonderful day and I’ll be reading more on your blog later! ♥
    LScott recently posted..TimelessMy Profile

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