Writers Spotlight: Emma McClain

Red was finishing up the closing ritual at the M3 Coffee Shoppe when she noticed a lady out on the patio with her feet pulled up in the chair and a journal on her knees. She recognized the poet’s pose and wandered out to see what Emma McClain was writing in her version of Mantra’s notebook. It was time to talk poetry.

M3: Emma, why not read the book jacket bio of you for the M3 Readers to get to know you a bit?

EM: At sixteen, Emma McClain began writing the “Great American Novel” but turned to writing poetry instead. Being a very shy person, she found that poetry was a natural vehicle to convey the deep emotions that evaded expression through speech. The mother of two grown children, she is a long-time resident of sunny southern California and an active member of her church.

M3: I think a lot of poetry is born meaning to begin something completely different. Is there anyone you would like to thank?

EM: I would thank my late husband, Ted, as he encouraged me to continue.

M3: Many people underestimate the support of their spouses and families. You are M3’s first poet author. You told me you thought poetry was going through a revival, so I have to know if the genre picked you.

EM: Yes, poems are poems.

M3: Then, what is it which makes Poems from Still Waters Running Deep different from all the other poetry books on the market?

EM: I think it has its own rhythm and is very deep.

M3: Which is whence its name comes. What makes this book close to your heart?

EM: It is me coming out on paper.  I grew up with speech problems.  Speaking was a chore to me, so writing became the way I express myself.

M3: I can identify with that rather easily. Since this is your first book, what advice do you have for budding authors?

EM: Go with your heart,  don’t be afraid to let your emotions come out in your writing.  People will relate to them.

M3: That is true. Where did you get on the road to publishing?

EM: I think in the 1980s, I started sending poems to poetry contest sites.  Before that, I just keep the poems to myself and friends.

M3: I am glad you have opened it up to a larger audience. What do you have in the works?

EM: I had nine poems that I did not include in my book because they weren’t finished.  I would like to include them in a second book.  Others have asked for a book of the different stages of my life.

M3: I like the idea of an autobiographical book of poetry. Do you think the M3 Readers should care about your day job?

EM: Creating takes time, but that is the author problem not so much the reader.

M3: How is it you find time to write?

EM: Time, that is the problem.  I was single up until I was 40, so I wrote a lot before that time.  With kids, a husband and work, I was too busy to write except poems for special purposes.  When my husband died, writing was a way to release the emotions, and, of course, there was a lot of time.

M3: I sympathize. With all you have had to do, do you take time out for yourself and a hiatus once in a while?

EM: Yes, during the twenty years of marriage and raising my son and working 10 hours a day there was not much time for writing.  During those years however, I did jot down occasional verses that later became poems.

M3: Your method to poetry is quite different from many other poets I know. Tell me how you feel about your colleagues.

EM: I have nothing but respect for them.  I look forward to sharing with them and for them to share with me.

M3: Which brings me to ask how important your own marketing efforts are to the success of your book.

EM: Very, I get great joy in passing out my books for free to those I come in contact with daily.

M3: Have you parlayed your contacts into any victories in the publishing industry?

EM: I hear from friends and acquaintances that have shared the book with loved ones going through medical difficulties, that they felt the love in the book and were comforted.  As far as the industry, I would just like to get that love and comfort out to others.

M3: One of the most important ways is the one-liner. Tell the M3 Readers in 15 words or less why they should buy your book.

EM: Everyone has downs in their lives; perhaps they could find comfort in my pages.

M3: I would hope so.

Darling M3 Readers, take a moment to check out Emma McClain’s blog to find out more about Poems from Still Waters Running Deep. You can follow her on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook.

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  1. I am immediately fascinated by the title of this book. The phrase “still waters run deep” is one that resonates “deeply” with me. It comes from my past and my world of adventures. When judging a river, the still, unrippled water is the deep water without rocks near the surface.

    Well here’s hoping I win a book LOL.

    MJ Logan recently posted..The BayMy Profile

  2. This is a shout out to Emma McClain. Please know that you are supported and cared for by me in your life and in your work. I understand the isolation that pushes us to create poetry, and am so happy that you have come to a point to share that with the greater world. We will be that much richer for it!
    Gail Thornton recently posted..Poem – Polio and the Family HouseMy Profile

  3. The title grabbed me immediately–I LOVE it. Long ago I lived by a lake. While the water was turbulent during a storm, it was soothing when it was quiet. From this interview, it sounds you’ve chosen the perfect title.
    Tess Kann recently posted..Introducing: Inanimate ObjectsMy Profile

  4. Lovely cover art.

    • It is. When I was getting it plublish, I was asked what I wanted the cover to look like. I said, “A lake that’s still and deep. I think they captured that thought.

  5. A very interesting interview giving a great insight into the mind of the writer , I have often wondered what inspires someones poetry and this was beautiful to read, our poetry is individual and for some of us will never find its way into bookform, I have resigned myself to sharing my thoughts of love and romance to those who are like minded in the internet.
    Cheers and wishing you much love and happiness
    aussieian2011 recently posted..Fortress of My LoveMy Profile

  6. Red, I want to thank you for turning me on to another new author. Wonderful interview and the title of Emma McClain’s book also gets to me. without going into too much detail on the actual poems I’m intrigued by Emma’s statement that it is a way to help people get through hardships.
    A big thank you to you both.

    Oh and Red… Missed you 🙂
    Miss R recently posted..Nerve Blocks and Other Fun ShitMy Profile

    • YOU HAVE RETURNED!!! <3 I have missed you too, my sweet. Pop by the inbox...I want to know who the thing went... <3

    • Poetry is had to sell. But because of the response from the people I’ve shared mine with, I’ve made the mov to make it public. Hopefully it will help people> I enjoyed yoou post.

  7. Congratulations on getting your book into print!

    You have a lifetime of experience and I hope it stands you in good stead!!!

    God Bless!

    prenin recently posted..Saturday – The sun peeps through!My Profile

  8. I like what Emma says about writing poetry from the heart. I have read critiques that focus on the technical aspects, but to me, since I have to make a living with the technical, reading or writing poetry is an escape from that.

    Congrats on the book, Emma!

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