Flash in the Pan

A chill was in the air. He sniffed the breeze. It wasn’t going to rain, but if the temperature kept dropping, those grey clouds would erupt with snow he could ill afford.

He yanked on the duster to stir what warm air remained between it and his skin. At least when it was cold, he did not fight the rash so badly… or the body odor.

The cart handle was cold through the palms of threadbare, mismatched gloves. He was grateful for any since he spent the dollar he found on two cans of cat food, which he’d shared.

Turning into the deserted alley, he was amazed the dumpster lid was still attached. If he opened it against the wall, it would make a better roof. Soon, Roderick would be back to snuggle and keep him warmer. He just hoped the old Rottweiler would bring home some scraps tonight.

Welcome to "Flash in the Pan"

Welcome to “Flash in the Pan”

It is the last Sunday of February and the end of the 150 word upper limit. This week’s word is amazed. This flash sneaks in at 149.

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Is homelessness an epidemic where you live? What do you think the solution to homelessness is? (Bear in mind the prohibition to political anything on The M3 Blog.)

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  1. It’s a problem in any big city, I think. There’s always a few who slip through the system, or for one reason or another can’t or don’t want to seek help. I have no idea what the solution would be, but better wages for the working poor certainly might help.
    Binky recently posted..English as a Second LanguageMy Profile

    • Yes, I guess better wages for those who are earning low but are working hard is the better solution to homelessness. That will surely give a long term solution to the problem.

    • I have to disagree. I live nearly 100 miles from a city, and homelessness is rampant here. It is less obvious because they hole up in barns and out buildings rather than in culverts and on sidewalks where shoppers can see them.

  2. So well written.

    Homelessness is a huge issue here as well. None of us to date have any resolutions. It seems that everything done is only able to treat the symptoms, keep people fed, get them warm clothing, but nothing changes the problem. That being said, the “problem” is not always the system, but a different issue for each person.
    C. Brown recently posted..Because I’m Evolving I Met Steve The HarperMy Profile

    • I am a radical. There are more than 4 million abandoned homes and another 8 million owned by banks. For some reason, I think those would house quite a few homeless ppl and get them on the road to recovery. xxx

  3. I think the homelessness problem is more a lack of understanding of the cause of much homelessness and a lack of knowing how to treat mental and emotional problems.
    There have been poor and homeless people throughout recorded history and as sad as it is I am not sure it will ever end.
    Bo Lumpkin recently posted..Brain Strain RefrainMy Profile

    • I believe you are correct it will never end. The largest lack of understanding is the number of homeless people who were in positions of functioning members of our society who fell on times which would not support their lifestyles. Once alienated by their peers, the lack of help is astonishing. Far fewer are mentally ill when they become homeless as are after surviving the streets for a few months.

  4. Despite the sad circumstances, this was a very touching peek into a story, Red. Great visuals, too.
    Homelessness is very big issue with not just any single answer… as stated above, each and every homeless person needs a unique and custom solution to their situation, for their life to improve.
    I wish I could solve the problem with the wave of my hand, but we all know that is a fantasy…
    Be well…

    BuddhaKat recently posted..“Let’s Move…” like the FLOTUS!My Profile

    • Would it could be so simple, Janet. I would love to see a better acknowledgement of the homeless, as most are not there out of choice or a rejection of societal rules. I do not believe anyone should be treated less than because they cannot afford to keep a roof of their own over their heads. xxx

  5. This story has particular relevance to my life at the moment.

    Given that Doug is rapidly approaching eviction because of his lifestyle and a life on the streets I am praying that the intervention team who are due Wednesday will be able to help him as he seems determined to wreck his life as he is running into ever greater debt and just spending his money on drink.

    God Bless!


    P.S: It took me four attempts and about ten minute’s wait for the page to download.

    Could be a traffic problem, but I got there in the end! 🙂
    prenin recently posted..Sunday – Doug surfaces.My Profile

    • Thank you for your persistence, Pren. I do hope Doug’s intervention amounted to hopeful results.

  6. Homelessness is a heartbreaking situation to find oneself in. I don’t know if it is true,, but I’ve heard some people are so used to this lifestyle, they cannot stand the confinement of walls.

    This bothers me most when the weather is frigid. We have that problem here: soup trucks hand out hot soup, hats, scaves and coats given out, people rounded up to shelters from the weather, but sometimes not enough room is available…
    Tess Kann recently posted..Sunday Snippets – Blog Hop #5My Profile

    • There is never enough room here. There are some who become almost institutionalized after being homeless long enough to develop a harmony with it. I have to respect their tenacity and adaptability. xxx

  7. Problem in Reno. My share is giving away all the fries left-over from the Awful-Awful Burger (the official burger of Reno) to the poor drunks on the strip. Don’t know what else to do at times but volunteer with a certain charity group here in town that caters to the needs of families with children.
    You’ll see me at the food bank on 4th Street once a month. Unfortunately, I’m there for the food.
    I DO have a roof over my head though 🙂

    p.s. good luck to Doug
    Miss R recently posted..The Doctor Needs a New CompanionMy Profile


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