Flash in the Pan

Paper peonies and polyester pansies look out of place in the cut crystal vase centered on the nicked and stained butcher block table. For the third time, she waves dust from the sunbeam piercing the filmy, dining room window.

She straightens her hem across her lap, wondering why she cannot wear a wristwatch. Her watch is in the pillbox purse on the table in the foyer with her matching hat and gloves. Her mother would skin her alive if she knew there was a pinhole burnt in the middle finger of the left one.

She looks out the white chintz curtain, unseeingly. The doorbell ringing startles her.

She takes a deep breath and closes her eyes, hand on the doorknob. She swings the door open, spreads a sugary smile and welcomes the guests inside. As always, the company is for her mother. Lucky for her, this is the last time.

(c) Red Dwyer


Welcome to the newest M3 feature: Flash in the Pan. Over the course of the next few months, I will be assembling a book of flash fiction. For the month of July, the limit will be 150 words. The end of each post will give you the featured word if you would like to play along.

Tonight’s word is company…if you would like to join in the fun.

Why is the company there? Why is it the last time? Does flash fiction remind you of the Reader’s Digest?

(c) Ann Marie Dwyer 2012
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