Flash in the Pan

“We are the new owners of a piece of history, Jasper! Take the left fork in the road and one more mile.”

Jasper let the car idle across the parking lot up to the porch of the 150-year old building. Constance slid out of the car, and they stood at the base of the steps. Holding hands they gingerly made their way inside.

Saloon doors separated the dining room from the kitchen. A large black widow menaced against shattering the web she had woven across them.

“Oh, Jasper! This is nothing like I imagined,” Constance whined, near tears.

When the raccoon ambled across the kitchen floor with half a pear in his mouth, Jasper grunted. “It is precisely what I imagined.”

Welcome to "Flash in the Pan"

Welcome to “Flash in the Pan”

We are to the last week of the 150-word limit. This one comes it at only 121. This week’s featured word is fork. Have you read the other fork entries yet?

This is also the last week of the RedmundPro giveaway and the end of the sale on the FTP collection. Get all three books and save! Register to win your choice of five books… title and format.

Right around the corner is the new Hot Flash! and the last month of the FTP Challenge for summer.

Would you like to own a restaurant with history? Or would you prefer to have on from the ground up? Do you like to eat in old restaurants?

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