Flash in the Pan

The ball spiraled through the air. He saw the scoreboard behind it: two seconds. Snatch, tuck, turn. He’d done the drill hundreds of times.

In a few steps, his stride lengthened as he raced toward the goal line. The horn blew ending the game, and the goal post moved into his tunnel vision while the Earth slowed on its axis.

On the one-yard line, he channeled all his energy into a diving leap. In midair, pads and helmets crashed together. He and his assailant rolled before hitting the ground.

The lightning bolt of pain shot through his neck into his shoulder before he realized he’d hit the ground. He had ended his career with a game-saving goal.


Welcome to “Flash in the Pan”

This one goes out to all the NFL fans in the M3 Readers. 117 of the available 125 words in this flash. Tonight’s word is lightning.

Everyone interested in playing along with FTP need only pick one of the featured words, write a flash (staying under or at the maximum number of words for the month), and link back to the post where the word is featured. If you would like to get ahead or catch up, the words are posted on the Flash in the Pan page where your flashes will be linked.

Flash in the Pan will be a quarterly publication compliments of Redmund Productions. All entries will be published. Deadline for this edition is 30SEP12. Entries must be linked before 2359 EDT (GMT-5). All non-WordPress users need to email their links via Ask Momma.


Are you a football fan? (Yes, American football.) Did you ever play? Have you ever been hurt playing a game (football or other sport)? If you are a fan, tell us your favorite team(s).

Have you stopped by to see all of the talented artists participating in the FTP? This is your personal invitation to join while there is still time!

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  1. Ouch. Is sport everything? I suppose to some; actually to a lot of players and viewers–not to me but you’ve captured the essense perfectly. As soon as I read ‘diving leap’, I had a feeling something big was coming. And it did. Love this.
    Tess Kann recently posted..Flash in the Pan – LighteningMy Profile

    • It really is. I can remember mixing paint years ago for a man who was painting his home (the outside) in college team colors. Yes, purple and gold. His house, his business, his snoball stand, his vehicles. I may have to dig up something about fandom. 😉 I love your lightning flash!

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