Flash in the Pan

“Steer clear. He is loco.”

“I can handle him.” Joanie flipped her ebony curls over her shoulder.

“That is what Carina thought, too. Did you read her obit? 49 stab wounds, yet there he walks down the promenade.”

“She probably didn’t know what I know.”

“Unless it is how to not bleed, steer clear.”

Joanie plucked her Mace from her purse and dropped it on the foyer table on her way out. She whispered, “I love the scent of danger.”

Welcome to "Flash in the Pan"

Welcome to “Flash in the Pan”

Welcome back to Flash in the Pan with the second word of the new quarter: loco. Coming in at 79 words against the 100 word limit, this tidbit falls in ranks with some from flashers who have been missing for a while and some newbies hopping the flash train for the first time.

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Happy Flashing!

Which one is truly more loco: the man or Joanie? Have you ever gotten together with someone a friend warned you to steer clear? Why do we do it?

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  1. More times than I care to count. Thrills cause the senses to be put on hold.
    Laurie recently posted..Flash Fiction: DelusionalMy Profile

  2. Why does she leave the mace? Illogical!
    Binky recently posted..Eye TestMy Profile

  3. The scary part is the implication about our bloody judicial system… 49 stab wounds to the victim, and the perp is still on the streets… Now, that’s loco!…. So is Joanie….

    Don’t mean to pick nits, but I think it’s a typo, where it says “to no bleed”, instead of what makes sense, “to not bleed”….. ? Anywho, in this flash, all but the author seemed loco… 😉
    gigoid recently posted..In politics, the cost of doing business is always integrity….My Profile

    • *giggles* Thanks for the heads up. Some days, I wonder who types this stuff in my sleep 😉 So very glad to see you. You are right about the justice system. This one had a lot of tentacles.

  4. Why do we always go where no fool should walk?
    valentine logar recently posted..Winter Flash – LocoMy Profile

  5. Joanie is loco if she thinks she can tame the beast. She seems to think some inside information is going to help her. I can only hope…at least this time. But we will never know.

    Fabulous flashing.
    Tess Kann recently posted..Flash in the Pan – LocoMy Profile

    • Isn’t it funny how the one whose behavior seems the craziest is the one who is calling someone else loco? Bwahahaha! xxx

  6. Flirting with danger is risky at the best of times, and with this in mind Joanie could be another victim waiting to happen.

    I like your flashing Red, it is always interesting and offers scenarios that help develop our imagination, for instance I wonder if that Mace will stop the fiend, or will Joanie be number fifty on his list? 🙁

    Andro xxxx

    • You know, I believe what Joanie may know is he is invigorated by the fight. Mace is merely another pheromone. *wicked grins*

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