Flash in the Pan

Crystal held her arms out like a mummy as she teetered back and forth across the kitchen.

“Oh, no, Crystal! Did you forget your sunscreen? You are fried!” Her mother rushed to the medicine cabinet for a bottle of aloe gel.

Christopher ran through the kitchen with his best friend, but paused long enough to stab his sister in the ribs with a bony index finger. Crystal shrieked in agony. His friend stood, mouth agape, as Christopher grabbed him by the collar and dragged him toward the door. He stopped and called back over his shoulder, “Nah, Mom. She’s just parboiled.”

Welcome to "Flash in the Pan"

Welcome to “Flash in the Pan”

This week’s word is parboiled. The word limit for March is 150 words. This flash tips the scales at a mere 101.

Not much longer for the sale and the giveaway. Have you been over to RedmundPro to save on the FTP collection and register to win up to five books of your choice? Share the giveaway and get more entries to win.

Click the sign to see who has joined (and rejoined!!) the flashers. Get in on the action. One month left and one more Hot Flash!

Happy Flashing!

Have you ever been über-sunburnt?

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