Flash in the Pan

“Pinot noir.” He picked up another. “Cabernet sauvignon.” He sniffed the last one. “Merlot.”

He stalked down the hall with all three. “Do you think it is possible for me to have one clean work shirt?”

She turned a magazine page without looking up. “Do you think you can stop being a messy sommelier?”

Welcome to "Flash in the Pan"

Welcome to “Flash in the Pan”

This week’s word is sommelier. The word limit for April is 75 words, and this flash tips the scale at 54 words.

If you want to join in Flash in the Pan, but do not know how, click the picture for the theme, word limits and all the main words for this quarter. It is such fun.

Just a bit over a week until the third edition rolls off the presses. If you have not picked up a free copy of the first edition, stop by RedmundPro.

How good is a sommelier who can smell a shirt stain and tell you the grape? Ever spill wine?

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