Flash in the Pan

She watched the water flow sluggishly beneath the bridge. Slowly, she edged him over the rail. With each inch, she thought about different events between them.

It hardly seemed fair when he made contact with the water there was no splash. Every time he had tried to drown her, she cleaned water from the bathroom for hours.

As she capped the urn, she smiled. He had always wanted to fly. It did not cost her an expensive pilot’s license course. All it took was a cremation.

An idea stopped her at the foot of the bridge. She looked over the rail again. The urn smashed into splinters on the embankment. For the first time in years, she exposed her broken teeth in a full-faced grin.


Welcome to “Flash in the Pan”

This is the final flash for this edition of Flash in the Pan. It comes in on the money at precisely 125 words. Tonight’s word is splash.

Everyone interested in playing along with FTP need only pick one of the featured words, write a flash (staying under or at the maximum number of words for the month), and link back to the post where the word is featured. If you would like to get ahead or catch up, the words are posted on the Flash in the Pan page where your flashes will be linked.

Today is the last day for this quarter’s entries.

Flash in the Pan will be a quarterly publication compliments of Redmund Productions. All entries will be published. Deadline for this edition is today: 30SEP12, before 2359 EDT (GMT-5). All non-WordPress users need to email their links via Ask Momma. Late entries will be linked to the FTP page but will not be included in the publication.

Are you ready for the words for next quarter? Check the FTP page tomorrow! Answer the questions below and then check out the massive talent assembled on the FTP page! This has been so much fun!


Do you want to learn how to fly? Are you going to be buried, cremated or donated? What do you think of the tradition of keeping ashes in an urn and on display? 

Have you stopped by to see all of the talented artists participating in the FTP? This is your personal invitation to join while there is still time!

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  1. I’m being donated, and I don’t really care for having ashes on display. I mean if something happens you vacuum up a person, that may or may not be who they’re supposed to be.

    I got to wait until tomorrow for the new words? Are all of them for the quarter going up? I’m learning how to be productive without stress. I like it.
    Laurie recently posted..Sunday FTPMy Profile

    • This has to be the best comment you have ever made! Yes, all the quarter’s words are going up tomorrow. You can begin anywhere you like 😉 <3

      And I think some people deserve to be vacuumed. Just saying.

  2. I like your Flash in the Pan story Red, it is really good and you are right it is fun, indeed I figure that this ongoing FTP series will be a very interesting adventure for all that choose to participate.

    I was very late to add my efforts on this occasion but I will make more of an effort in the next quarter, hopefully adding more short stories or poems this time, actually I think that we should all add something, even if it is only one word in the FTP mix 🙂

    Have a wonderful rest of evening Red 🙂

    Androgoth xxx

    • That would make me beside myself! There are so very many talented writers. You are correct. It is very fun. I am so glad I tried for the first time. Now, it seems I am a bit addicted 😉 The new words will be up before your brekkie 😉

      • That is very nice to know and I will be back to see what gems you are offering for the next batch of wicked and wonderful 🙂

        Have a deliciously sweet evening Red 😉

        Andro xxx

  3. I guess living longest gets you the last laugh.
    Binky recently posted..When Less Is More, More Or LessMy Profile

  4. Kind of a mixed bag. Revenge, but only after he’s gone. Still … I liked it 🙂 Angie
    Angela Young recently posted..Put the ketchup on ‘emMy Profile

  5. I’m really looking forward to taking the time to sit down and write a few Flashes. I favored other stuff, never an excuse, because I was intimidated by the brevity– and I’m so verbose on paper! haha
    This one is fantastic! I’ve decided I especially want my corneas donated, but not so sure anyone could use the rest of me. Kinda really worn or discontinued parts here lol.
    Gail Thornton recently posted..Poem – In Love in FalmouthMy Profile

    • When I first started I never dreamed I would make it under 300, much less 100. As it has continued, I find it difficult to reach 100! I am so pleased so many have tried their hand at it. Some are really enjoying it. I loved Laurie’s comment! You will be a whiz at it. Guarantee 😉 I keep telling you…it is a poem without the rhyme!

  6. I’m being donated.

    Maybe a doctor will learn enough from me to maybe save a few lives! 🙂

    Love and hugs!

    prenin recently posted..Sunday – Bad dreams…My Profile

    • That is how I look at it, too, Prenin! If I cannot help while I am breathing, maybe the rest of it hold some secrets! {HUGZ}

  7. I’m usually a stickler for detail. If dropping the urn over the edge and watching HIM fly made her smile, in spite of her other memories, I say Yay in this case.

    Five star post.
    Tess Kann recently posted..Flash in the Pan – LighteningMy Profile

    • This one grew. The original image was just of the ashes. As she walked away, I just thought she needed a little something more. Really glad you like this one, Tess. When you get a moment, stop by Fall 2012 (under the FTP tab) and make sure I have all of yours linked. I want to proof next week.

  8. I relate to this one. I love this one, passionately and without a single reservation. It made my toes tingle.

    • I wrote a special line in it for you. *grins* I knew you would relate to this one. <3

  9. Ow!! she is one scary woman!
    Novroz recently posted..Flash In The Pan : Secret DoorMy Profile


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