Flash in the Pan

What was the sound in his head? It was almost like hammering. Or was it drumming? Sometimes, it is hard to differentiate between the two. What he did know was it was a horror soundtrack waiting to be unveiled for the masses.

He pushed himself up off the floor, shoulders creaking and popping with the effort. For the third time this week, he wondered why he slept on the floor. When he turned, he caught sight of why just before the blazing flash of pain ripped through his skull. As he squinted from the light, he swore: Not mundane curses which flow from stubbing a toe on a piece of furniture in the dark, but the outpouring of profanity-filled vitriol which only comes compliments of having one’s head in a vise.

When he slowly opened his eyes, praying for darkness, or maybe blindness, he faced it: The bottle.

Welcome to “Flash in the Pan”


Today’s word was actually vice. I took the opportunity to use the homophone because it was far more fun to make the allusion. If you are playing along with Flash in the Pan, you are welcome to one or the other. Remember, for July, the upper limit is 150 words. If you play at your place, please link back to this post for Vice/Vise flashes.

Have you ever felt his vise? Teetotalers speak up! Is this a good reason to forego the bottle?

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