Muse for Monday


Bloodstream Fractal


Cleopatra Fractal


Electric Spermocide Fractal

Electric Spermocide

Nana's Brass Knuckles Fractal

Nana’s Brass Knuckles

Gold Medal Winner Fractal

Gold Medal Winner

Okay, now talk.

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  1. Wow. Nothing to sneeze at; this is seriously wonderful. How do you find the time, Red?

    Where I live, we only have 24-hour-days and end up wasting a bunch of them sleeping (still trying to capture the ‘beauty’ promise).

    • LOL! Mine are about 30 hours. These were done in a complete revolt against doing anything which resembled work on my vaca. 😉 Math is really fun when you take the time to play with it! xxx

  2. oh goody! You are so brave – i puttered but remember that day I was nowhere to be found? yea 😉 it could be dangerous – I not only admire their beauty and artfulness but skill too – because I have seen (and run away like a scared little school girl) what you used to create them..
    you are a woman of many talents.. let anyone say different .. I will pull out my angry eyebrows..
    did I seriously say that? well I will!
    Much Love
    ♥ Lizzie
    Lizzie Cracked recently posted..Romantic Monday Horizon View; The Long TripMy Profile

    • ROFL! I love potato head 🙂 I can disappear into them as well. I have a ton of ideas, yet they must wait as there is still too much work to do to play. <3

  3. hi red lovely to hear from you its dark and rainy here today so staying by the fire even ozzy doesnt want to go out in the garden but then next doors cats terrorize him lol hope your well pretty lady have a good week xjen

    • How can that be, fine strapping pup what he is? I cannot say anything. My cat often terrorized the dogs 😉 xxx Stay warm.


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