The Fifth through Eighth Days of…

Rather than dragging this out until it becomes trite, let’s powerhouse with a four-fer.

Flash in the Pan has brought you some amazing authors. Let’s look more closely.

Flash in the Pan 21. Continuing where the first Flash in the Pan left off, Frosty, Fiery, Fresh and Feisty puts a new edge on the words by encompassing a broad range of locations.

2. This edition brought the first appearance of Hot Flashes, the shortest of the flashes, which is not to say they could possibly be accused of skimping on power.

3. Two authors decided to use linked flashes, which when read in succession create short stories of more traditional length.

FTP3: Wave of Emotion

4. Not a single piece from Wave of Emotion can be described as trite.

5. This edition of FTP is evocative and spans 16 emotions in non-traditional points of view.

6. Wave of Emotion presented the first dialogue-only flashes. These difficult to write pieces are controversial. Some editors believe they are presumptuous; RedmundPro knows they are edgy and worth reading.

Flashes from the Bistro7. Authors from around the globe bring a broader appeal to writing than single-nation groups.

8. Flashes from the Bistro are not flashes of “dishes” or “menus”, but ones with far more power. Some may even be a complete shock which you would never expect in any eating establishment.

9. The play on words will surprise you as you find things and dishes you never dreamed of when you imagine fine dining.

CoversQ31310.  Authors challenge you with flashes of less than 20 words. Yes, it is possible!

11. Survival in this book is slightly higher than in Flashes from the Bistro. Slightly.

12. Nowhere else will you find 250 stories for this price.

Are you missing one edition? Click on the covers to pick up the ones you are missing. If you need them all, Grab Finding the Path and the first four in the bundle at the RedmundPro Book Store. Until the end of the year, you can take an extra 10% off ebooks from the Flash in the Pan series.

If you have read one, please leave a review!

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  1. well done. let’s get this going again and add to the library.

  2. I like the pitch. 🙂 Smooth.

    Sounds great. Let’s keep this going.
    Tess recently posted..Wuchan: Day 12, Part 3- The Cruise ShipMy Profile

  3. This is a great post but hey let’s get the next book rolling, I can’t wait to begin on the next set of words.

    It is always such an adventure when writing FTP’s, I would say a great challenge but then writing has always come easy to me, perhaps I need to finish that manuscript that I started?

    One day I will offer it for your approval, it could either be exceptionally wicked or one for the trash can so don’t be getting all excited about it 🙂

    As if you would… lol

    Andro xxxx

    • You can send it to me before it is complete, and I have told you as much. 😛

      • I know that you did my dear friend, and I thank you for this awesome thought, leave it with me and who knows, in 2015 I might just get off my butt and send it 🙂 lol

        Andro xxxx


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