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Your regularly schedule program will be interrupted.

Red cannot be with you today. With any luck, she will return on the morrow. Meanwhile, take a few minutes to catch up.

Find all the episodes you missed in the A to Z Challenge.

Check out this week’s special edition of Friday Follies, which is M3’s 450th post.

Take this week’s poll. Some of the Other answers so far are a scream!

Could you do Red a favor? Pick out your favorite post, and send it to your friends on social media. Spread the love.

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  1. Hey there is nothing wrong with taking some time out Red and doing your own thing, chilling and having fun and…

    Of course you will already have chilled out, done whatever you intended and got back already by the time you read this one 🙂

    Well I have been taking some breathers too you know, sort of lazy posting and this and that 😉 lol

    Okay enough said Red, have fun today or else? 😉

    Androgoth XXx

  1. Animal Incarnations | Momma's Money Matters

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