Hot Flash

“Return to the scene of the crime,” he sneered.

Of all the ideas Patrice had had, it was the one he should have protested. He laughed at the thought. “I never could resist her.”

From this point forward, he would only see those hazel eyes through bulletproof glass.

Welcome to "Flash in the Pan"

Welcome to “Flash in the Pan”

It is a new month with a new word limit, but the Hot Flash is only 50 words. Weighing in at 48 words, this flash features the word return.

This is the final month of the quarter and flashes for Finding the Path. The cover for it is exciting! Is your name going on the cover? New flashers joined in August. Everyone is welcomed!

Just remember, all of the entries must be in by 2359 on 30SEP13. No late entries are considered.

Since the first fell on a Sunday, look for my entry for this week’s word on Thursday.

Happy flashing!

Who is on which side of the bulletproof glass? What did she/he/they do?

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