Please Stand By.


Based on the interruption in my schedule for a class this weekend to brush up on skills I find lacking in the general populace and to ensure my award from this morning is richly deserved, I have made the decision to forego a noon post. This should give some of you the opportunity to catch up with the unmitigated disaster into which this blog is quickly devolving.

As an added bonus, it will give me a chance for a nap. Please feel free to click around for shiny things, but do be mindful and not poke yourself somewhere you would not want to explain it to an emergency room physician.

Story Time is beginning to get a following. If you are not caught up, this is your last chance before the story gets so entangled you would swear it is a Kinbaku exhibition.

If you are a fan who is here rain or shine, you have already read the whole spiel cover to cover and made starry assessments and requested a love button in the comments. The next stop for you to visit the fantastic blogs in the Green Room. Vote up the ones you like! I hope you get a few giggles!

Have you posted a link to your blog there?  Well, what are you waiting for exactly? That was your personal invitation!

Until then,

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  1. I wear out easy these days, especially while trying to keep up with all your posts. Glad to hear you’re taking a wee breather.

  2. Yes I have been taking a few nights off too 🙂
    not that this helps me to catch up with you and
    everyone else that I am behind on comments
    with, but I am sure that we will catch up some-
    time soon, and if not then we will at some point
    in time 🙂 Hey I hope you enjoyed your rest 🙂

    I will be back to see what you have been getting
    up to while I have been away… Be Good Now 🙂 😉

    Androgoth XXx

    • You will love the post before this one as evidence of what I have been doing!

      • Yes I was just reading about that one,
        and I told you that there would be some
        rather ingenious awards cropping up 🙂

        I wonder what will be appearing in WP
        next? This one seems to take the piece…

        🙂 lol

        Have a wicked rest of evening Red 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

  3. I too have much catching up to do with regard to reading and commenting. Nasty time of the year for me, so whenever unplanned business travel is added to the mix, it unravels rather quickly.

    Enjoy your brief respite.

    • If you want a guide, start with A Glittery What? It is just the medicine for nasty travelling. 🙂 Stay safe, Phil,

  4. Enjoy your nap Red, it is well deserved. Ah silence is a nice thing once in a while.


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