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Green fairy MantraMantra has been shaking the lantern in a fashion very unlike before. While the content is vaguely similar, the form is completely alien.

Although I might think she has been reading along with interest, I really think she has been instrumental in pushing the subject. Obviously, this series of heart vs. mind runs deeper than it appears on the surface.

Anyone up for a little diving?

Cliff Diving

Love is an abyss.
Sweet nothings echo
Up sheer canyon walls
Urging you to go.

The grey fog is thick,
Curling down below.
It billows softly.
A giant pillow

To cushion your fall,
Should you choose to go
Because there’s someone
There who loves you so

Standing on the edge.
Heartstrings are pulled low,
Knees buckle and bend
To jump in, although

The mind hesitates.
Love’s longstanding foe
Points at cliffs so steep −
Nowhere for feet to go.

Heart’s ready to leap,
But you still don’t know.
Your heart wants to fall
And begs you to go.

Memories of hurt,
A mournful echo.
Streaming from your mind
A mantra of “no”.

Shoulder angel says,
“You already know.
Just stay here and watch
The swirling below.”

Shoulder demon says,
“What’s the harm? Just go.”
You feel the sharp tug
Of the heart below.

Mind and heart battle.
You can hear their blows,
Solid shots of pain,
And hope they each know.

The fog almost waves.
The fighting fades low.
Your soul wants to soar
Through the fog below.

Leaping from the edge
You hear the mind’s “No!”
Eternity smiles.
Love told you to go.


If love is an abyss, do you jump, do you have to be pushed or do you merely fall effortlessly?

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  1. Why fall when you can learn to fly? 😉

    Love and huge hugs my friend!!! 🙂

    Prenin recently posted..Sunday – Rebuilding the Soviet Empire?My Profile

  2. Friend Prenin is right … but flying is just as dangerous as crossing the street walking …
    cat recently posted..Bud.My Profile

  3. Honey, I run full tilt, and fling myself off into space at the drop of a cliche…. Every damn time….



    gigoid recently posted..No, no, not the taffeta!….My Profile


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