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Since the end of the world is approaching (Bwahahaha), Mantra has been saving something for this week. Yes, the fairy has her tongue squarely in her cheek.

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The End of the World

In the rush to meet the end of the world, there are many who would try to do a million things on bucket lists before time expired and because they feel they can get away with them as the repercussions would not be immediate.

Just as there were many who believed the satellites falling from the sky on New Year’s Day 2000 would blow up the world, there are more than a few who believe there are only four days before the world ends, compliments of the Mayan calendar.

Mantra has decided the one thing on her bucket list she really needs to do is become a photographer.

Mayan December is Mantra’s look into believing and not believing.

Mayan December

I want to take your picture.
Years from now, or maybe tonight,
I will care to remember
What you looked like today.
It is your Mayan December.
Our world ends today.
Since I do not believe,
Tomorrow, I’ll still be here.
You will not.

I want to take your picture.
The look on your face is priceless.
This, I will want to remember.
You’ve plotted and planned
Down to the last detail,
But there’s one thing you forgot.
You set nothing in motion.
It’s time for you to leave.
Tomorrow, I’ll still be here.
You will not.

I want to take my picture.
Years from now, or maybe tonight
I will laugh and remember
How old I became waiting
For you to even notice
Our world had ended.
Since I quit believing
In tomorrow with you here.
You are not.



What is on your bucket list? What would be the memory you would want to be certain to remember all the way to the end? If you could spend the end of time with one person (alive or dead), with whom would you spend it? Do you realize the Mayan December has mathematically passed?

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  1. I can’t believe this end of word nonsense. As long as there is profit to be squeezed from working people the megacorps and megabanks will keep the world going. Bet on it. Besides, the Mayans made no end of world prediction. It just happens to be where the calendar ends.

    • Oh, I am with you, Carl. I have not believed any of the end of the world scenarios presented in my lifetime. There is an ecard on FB which is a woman talking on the telephone saying, “I cannot wait to tell my grandchildren how many times I survived the end of the world.” It is true. Panic makes money. [Redacts years of experience.]

  2. That’s a nice poem, Red!
    As for the questions, >> What would be the memory you would want to be certain to remember all the way to the end?
    It’s definitely when my dream finally came true!! I love a Japanese band for 11 years (it’ll be 12 years next year), love them more than any band ever existed on this planet…and I thought I would never see them unless I married a millionaire who will afford me to go to Japan….BUT on May 2012, the band came to Jakarta…it was my first ever dream comes true!!

    They were amazing!!

    If I could spend the end of time with someone…it would be with my Mom. I really miss her and it would be amazing to see her again even though it’s the end of time.
    Novroz recently posted..A Letter to MamaMy Profile

    • That is terrific! I think it would be cool to spend some time with some of my predecessors. There are a number of them I miss. <3

  3. I will call back to read and comment on this one later Red, oh and I will also call into RP too, it is time for my morning cuppa and slice of toast 🙂 Yes it is usually a biscuit but even I can be good sometimes 😉 lol

    Have a lovely rest of evening Red 🙂

    Andro xxx

    • I have not gotten through this week’s comments. I hope you have had a chance to get back to this. I am behind at your place. Is the coffee warm? I could use a cuppa.

  4. I’ve seen so much nonsense on FB concerning this Mayan prediction.
    It was interesting to see where my friends view points were, some humorous others a bit concerning.
    I stayed uncharacteristically quiet on the whole thing.

    My bucket list includes:-
    * Releasing at least 2 Books.
    * Owning my own Eco house outright.
    * Helping to provide Eco friendly houses for others.
    * Helping my mum build her large guest house(s) in Jamaica.
    * Travelling to certain destinations.
    * Being interviewed on national TV in the states and the UK.
    * Travelling to help the charities we support, giving them hands-on help…both in the UK and abroad.
    * Making love under a waterfall, somewhere warm and tropical.
    * Seeing all 6 of my children achieve their childhood ambitions in adulthood.
    * Inspiring others to be the best they can be.

    If I achieve all the above, I can go to sleep, a very fulfilled, content and Blessed man. 🙂
    Phil recently posted..I ‘Like’ it.My Profile

    • A rather admirable bucket list. One I feel quite certain will have most its components duly scratched.


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