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Mantra has been singing of late. She appears to have come across some emotions she was unaware were prevalent in her social circle.

Perhaps, you will see what form changes she is sporting with these new topics. Amusing how differently each is treated. They are no less complicated than before, even if the format tricks the eye.

Of the complicated subjects she has chosen lately, Mooneyes is one which you will need to judge for yourself as resolved or still questioning. Methinks she knows more than she is telling. Quelle surprise, non?


The moonlight shines across miles I cannot perceive.
Crisp night air ruffles my unruly mane, loosed at day’s end.
My head in my hands, I feel your eyes warm on my back.

But I push the sensation away, look at the moon.
Your love was not on my wish list of things to receive.
I wasn’t even sure I was willing to be a friend.
My head in my hands, I feel your eyes warm on my back.

Not sure I have the heart to look at the moon.
There’s no reason to think I can’t possibly receive
The gift I never knew I needed from a friend.
My head in my hands, I feel your eyes warm on my back.

I turn to meet your eyes beneath the light of the moon.

Does the uneven nature of the stanzas play to the turmoil? Have you missed the fairy?

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  1. The moon has always been magical for me.
    Binky recently posted..How To GrammarMy Profile

  2. You might know I’m not a poem type person, but I do believe this works and I believe I understand the gist. <3
    Tess recently posted..Christmas Grotto 2015 – Flash Fiction Anthologies with Tess Karlinski.My Profile

  3. Of course you know, this appeals to me. I like it. I like the uneveness of it. It appeals to my eye and my heart. <3

    • I did not think I would like it when I first wrote it… OCD wanted it to be more orderly. In the end, my heart won out as well. <3


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