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As we search out soul mates, we are not guaranteed the one who appears will fit our preconceptions. Do you know what your soul mate is going to look, act, feel like? Let’s embark on a journey of discovery.

Rosebud Aware Writer John McDevitt

My Equal

You burst in when there was quiet all around.
No invitation, no cue, no call.
Why did I not tell you to leave then?

Because I would have lost so much.
So many things I did not know were missing
Until you brought them to my life again.

The voice of reason.
When reason is the last thing
I want to hear.

Mischievous intimacy.
Animalistic, satisfied
Music to my ear.

A net of safety.
When the world crumbles
At my feet.

Symphonies of music.
Vibrant melody over
A steadfast beat.

The positions you fill are many.
Each slakes a different need or
Creates one lacking before.

With each new adventure,
You beckon me forward or
Help guide me through the door.

Weaver of dreams.
Already I thought I’d had
More than my share.

Softener of my heart.
For all those things about
Which I did not care.

Mental pugilist.
Testing the boundaries
Of logic and reason.

Queller of angst.
Regardless of target,
Cause or season.

For you see, my dear,
You burst in to become
What I needed:

My Equal


Many thanks to John McDevitt of The Aware Writer for the photo. Visit John for tips, tricks and magnificent photos.

What did this poem say to you?

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  1. Heh… I said “awwwwwe” because it IS sweet… and it’s from the heart. But inasmuch as my Babyanna is my equal… she is also my complementary. Because there are some things I frankly suck at where she is a lot better, and there are some things I’m better at.

    When I got past the “awwe” factor, I read something about somebody that has found the love of her life. I feel that. Because I feel that in relations to Anna, I get really frustrated that I can’t see her as much… or take her out like she deserves to.

    But anyway, this was a beautiful expression of love, and it’s personalized… which is better!

    • It is good to hear you relate to the poem on the surface and the emotion as well. And I am very happy you and Anna have one another. Red.

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