hit the bricks

Hit the bricks, ex-pal!

We have explored the qualities we need to be good friends and evaluated the friends we thought were BFF. Some turned out to be Quaint at best. A few needed to hit the bricks.  Tonight’s theme is friendship. Can you decide whether this is a keeper or should hit the bricks?

One of the most important job functions of a friend is to listen to your drama-du-moment. Face it, sometimes you have more than one in a day. When you get to the breathless end of the recitation, friend duty kicks into overdrive.

BFF promptly validates your feelings by commiserating at least one sentence. Then, BFF does the extraordinary. BFF repeats everything you just said.

Idea Light Bulb

Eureka! A Bright Idea!

Even before BFF gets to the end, you have the epiphany. You knew that! You knew exactly what to do, but it just made so much more sense coming out of BFF’s mouth.

Why are we here?

Tonight’s poem is about figuring out. It is about the epiphany.

As is my custom, this poem has a very simplistic title: Reflected. The simplicity ends at the title. There is more than one reflection in this poem. One is very obvious. See if you can find a hidden reflection.


If I had the words,
I would shout them.
The feelings are strong,
Yet refuse to convey
Their strength in terms
You can understand.

I plumbed the depths
Of my soul in search
Of where I could survive.
I found a place,
Serene, pristine, where
Alone I now stand.

The calm is palpable.
From the safety of the
The valley I can reach
The happiness which has
Eluded me for so long,
No matter try as I can.

Love may be a many
Splendored thing, but
Through my travels I
Found it is a heavy
Cross to bear when
Clenched in my hand.

Only when I loosened
My grasp did I begin
To see love returned to me.
The epiphany showed the
Love I wanted was
Not from the a man

Who claimed me as his own.
What I needed was the love
I had inside and flowed
From those who I thought
Only truly cared about the
Good I know I can

Bring to their lives.
My caring was reflected,
Magnified and shared
Showing me my love
Is valuable, cherished,
Reciprocated and

Fulfilling to me and them.
Verbal or tacit, we
Know exactly how much we
Mean to one another
Whether shoulder to shoulder
Or merely hand in hand.


Can you see your reflection? And because I am curious: Do you know where the phrase “hit the bricks” originated?

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  1. The thing about expecting your BFF to listen to and help you with all of your problems is that you must remember that BFF may consider you BFF, and therefore expect the same from you. Knowing when to cry on BFF’s shoulder and when to be BFF’s shoulder to cry on is requisite in maintaining BFF for F…

  2. I have had many friends, but most have either fallen by the wayside, or I lost trust in them, something that can never be replaced.

    I have made new friends at church, five in particular, but I find myself jumping at every anomaly in case the bad times come back again…

    Once faith is lost it is sooo hard to trust again…

    Love and hugs!


    • bear

       /  February 9, 2012

      Pren don’t base future friendships on old hurt feelings. If you do, you will never have friends. Always give the benefit of doubt. If you close the door too quickly, you may never know what you have lost.

    • When you get the urge to jump, think first about the good qualities which refute the fear. You have met some amazing new people, Pren. They are in your life to assure you there is still good in the world and to help you let go of the hurt.

  3. bear

     /  February 9, 2012

    Yes I can and I cherish the one who reflects me!

    • I was wondering if anyone would volunteer the knowledge. I should have known you knew, Motorhead. Red.

  4. Wonderful. I think of the love from me toward my own self, rather than to a mate or friend. Learning about myself and being kind to myself as well is so important.

  5. Christyb is on the right track but did not go far enough. Prior to BFF, Inner Child speaks to the reflection of Self in the mirror seeking love and approval. Seldom do they totally agree, and the triangular introduction of BFF and resultant reflections between Self and BFF confirms or denies the love of Inner Child , resulting in “Move over, BFF, leave room for love of Inner Child…and acceptance of Inner Child, or forever have animosity between BFF and Inner Child…. How about that…..hehe…maybe it results in the Confused Muse too, Red … “:) ~R

    • Some days, it does! Inner Child will feature in later posts about self-realization. I have always been a firm believer in the strength inherent in Inner Child…and the fun.

  6. Wow. I really liked this one. I don’t know if I’m reading old posts in order or not, so I may be in left field. I could have gone several ways with this. I definately like the finding love for oneself angle. I also thought it could be finding God’s love for you – it is enough, and it is a safe place to stand. Angie

    • Glad you liked this one. There were many ways to go with this one. Reflections always are predicated on one’s perspective. Very novel analysis, Angie. Glad to see you tonight, Red.

  7. yes……….. perspective of the heart ……….
    beauty !
    Cat Forsley recently posted..In love with animals ……..:) Cat ForsleyMy Profile


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