Muse for Monday

Mantra is pleased to have her day back to herself.

When faced with her notebook, I was left a bit in a quandary. She has been busy filling a chapter named Dirt and Water. Nothing seemed to jump out at me to settle on M3. The pouting commenced. Dirt and Water was the only thing on the menu.

After she quit pouting, the notebook fell away, and the words began appearing here. This is the first one written directly to M3 since before Mantra for a Muse. She is ready for the winter… with water.

Snowflake looks into the cold we embrace and a reason why. See who walks away the winner: The sunbeam, the snowflake or someone else.


A sunbeam creeps in across the sill.
Stabbing through the curtains at the night
Trapped in the bedroom.

Don’t disturb the slumber; Just lie still.
Perhaps, the sheets will help hide away
What’s left of the dream.

Warmth creeps across the ice block hard floor.
Nothing can stave off its swift approach.
May as well give in.

Quick step out of bed and out the door
Before its creepiness wraps around
Fantasy fragments.

Slam the door and march away to see
If there is cold left in the kitchen.
Keep them nice and fresh.

Calendar stares back to remind me.
Angry red Xs mark all the days
Since you walked away

To your other life so far from here.
Don’t look back this way, slip on the ice.
The slope is that bad.

This time I slide down it without fear.
Clinging to half-truths and pretty lies
Meant to keep me true.

Ha. I always was, not that you’d know.
My words echoed in your empty head.
Bouncing off your past.

It sheathed your mind like fresh, driven snow
Banked high enough to freeze out your heart
Or what’s left of it.

For some strange reason I thought my tears
Would fill your snowy footprints up.
That’s not what happened.

Walking away, you realized my fears.
But the sun melted your trace away,
Defrosted my heart.

The shattered pieces of the future
You said we were meant to share shimmer,
No longer bloodstained.

You just kept the pieces that were yours
While I made mine into a snowflake,
Delicate and fine.

This morning it melts in sun-kissed steam
From the coffee we never did share.
The warm cup is mine.

Loneliness is not as bad as it seemed
Because I will not let myself down.
That job is complete.



Do you ever dream of past loves? Does the cold make you lonely or appreciate the warmth in your life?  Should Mate wait until there are no feelings at all to walk away?

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  1. Nice poem, and I love “Dirt and Water” nice mood evoked from that. I never dream of past loves, the cold makes me grateful for warmth, and mate should walk away when we begin to only make each other miserable 🙂

    • The next book is all darker poetry than what normally inhabits M3. Another chapter in the book is called “Words You Cannot Take Back”. I completely endorse your last statement.

  2. I never dream of past loves, I only dream of my pets who have passed on. Really enjoyed this.

    • Welcome! You are another one who needs to leave a link to your blog in the Green Room. Animals I know are rare in my dreams, except for horses. I think it interesting your pets are there. Glad to see you.

      • I’m glad to meet you, too! I would love to leave a link to my blog. Am I in the green room? can you give me directions? I get confused sometimes. It’s a bittersweet feeling to dream about my pets. I wake up with an ache cos they’re gone. Yeah, I love my animals like I love my son. Thank you for commenting. I’ve actually never dreamed about a horse, but I’ve never had one.
        enchantedseashells recently posted..No wordsMy Profile

        • The link to the Green Room is in the top menu bar. There are a couple hundred of the best blogs listed there. It is the jumping off spot for readers here. You can meet some great ppl there. 😉

          I grew up with horses. Amazing animals.

  3. No, no – don’t wait until there are no feelings at all before walking. That can take AAAAAAGES.

    I liked the vivid mental picture I got when the big red Xs marked the days since he left. Great writing, Red 🙂

    Merry Christmas, while I’m here! Oh, & I see this bar on the bottom of the screen with all the share options. I’m not sure if it’s just your site or all, but I’ve only just noticed it.
    N’n recently posted..And so the day beganMy Profile

    • Great to see you, Noeleen. And a happy Christmas to you and Daniel as well. The bar is something new to M3 in the last monthish. It is better than the mishmash options I had before.

      I have never been one to mark the days off the calendar, even when I was waiting for something excellent, so those stuck out for me as well.

  4. Emmm,
    I think the only time I dream of past loves is when I dream about the past meeting my present and the awkwardness which ensues.
    The cold most definitely encourages me to appreciate the warmth in my life.
    Once the early signs of, ‘this is not going to work’ begin to loom, it’s time for the honest conversation and a parting of company.
    Experience has taught me that it’s not good to allow someone to hope, if you don’t see anything to hope for…
    Phil recently posted..I ‘Like’ it.My Profile

    • I am fortunate most of the people I encounter believe the cold is a good reminder to appreciate the warmth in their lives. I agree with you: When there is no chance, be honest.


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