There is no cure.

Buffalo Nickel

No cents.

In my travels, I have met more than my fair share of people with so little common sense they could not make change for a nickel. Tonight, we are going to have a little fun. We have shared so many stupid moments on M3 with the spam reports and the Friday Follies. Tonight, we are going to approach the inanity a little differently, however.

Make Mine a Rhyme

I would love to call this an ode, as much of the poetry I feature here. Alas, it is not. In light of all of the stupidity, a limerick would have been appropriate, but I have zero talent when it comes to iambs and set meter. It is definitely not a sonnet…more issues with iambs and pentameter and couplets…shudder.

This one is just declared: Poem. And a short one to boot. Not a haiku (see aforementioned affliction with meter), but still a shorty for me. Apparently, the blog posts are getting too long again. Hats off to the ones who have recently kicked me in the inbox for the heads up (or in this case, heads out).

Considering the subject, I kept the title short, albeit not particularly sweet. I hope you are not terminal.

Sadly, there is no cure.

No Cure

If I had my way,
I would disassemble
Every facet of your
Irascible existence.

If for no other reason,
Thank to break it into
Small enough fragments
For it to make some sense.

Not to me, of course,
I have already decided.
But for you to see how
When the path lays out,

From fact to fact to fact
You cannot possibly
Get from there to here.
Of this I have no doubt.

In your faulty thinking,
You took leaps of faith
Over rebuttal, so it’s still
Undeniably invalid.

But why do I bother?
Your blank stare says it all.
No matter what I try,
There’s still no cure for stupid.

(c) Ann Marie Dwyer

There simply is no cure for stupid.


I hope you have a lovely evening…free of all things stupid.

(c) Ann Marie Dwyer 2012
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  1. LMAO……..To everyone who believes the magic of duct tape, you have proved them wrong.

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