Window Shopping

There will be no fancy explanation. The words and the illustrations chosen to accompany this poem speak for themselves. I hope they speak to you.

Window Shopping

She stopped today
On the sidewalk,
Looking in a window.
Through the pane,
Beckoned by the wares
Drawing her closer
Until her breath
Warm on the glass
Fogged the wishes
From her view.

She strode away.
Mumbling talk
No one could know
Her inner pain,
Frights and scares
Drawing her closer
Until underneath
In the crevasse,
Empty of wishes,
Torment anew.

Cobalt UrnThe coming new day
There’s no walk
Through the snow
Gone are the pain,
Worries and cares.
She gets no closer.
She is beneath
The porcelain glass
Of storefront wishes
Her urn- cobalt blue.



What are your wishes?

© Red Dwyer 2012
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  1. I liked this a lot.
    Not sure what you were going for, but I was thinking cremation urn, there at the end…

    • The photo is of a cremation urn. And it was with what she was fascinated in the store window.

      • Well done, then, if I could understand the punchline.
        Not sure if I’ve ever seen a storefront funeral shop…

        • LOL! Urns are primarily sold in floral shops and home decor stores. The ones which are going to be interred are only sold in funeral parlors.

          Just a wee bit more of my excruciating minutia.

          • It’s appreciated. I actually know nothing about it. Which is probably very shortsighted of me…

          • Just more of my eclectic background. With an uncle who served 28 years as coroner, I know an amazing amount about death, physically, spiritually and metaphorically, and the rituals surrounding it.

          • This probably points to something very wrong with me, but I’ve always wanted to learn enbalming, just so I could fill a body with seltzer and a small valve, perhaps in the nose. You know, to open at the viewing…

            Sadly, I believe I;ll be cremated, and there is no enbalming in my faith, or I’d leave detailed instructions for my corpse to be prepared accordingly…

          • LOL! That is rich. Maybe, I will have to make a post of some of the incredible funeral stories I have heard. I have left strict instructions to harvest what is worthwhile and donate the rest to a cadaver bank. Perhaps, they will discover where it all went wrong in my head!

  2. Red, they’ll likely find a fossilized encyclopedia Brittanica up there. Great poem. by the way. I was onto the theme in no time, I want to be put in a green see-through cookie-jar so I can see out. “:)

    • I forgot that would be after all of the good parts are removed and freely given to citizens with more energy than I would have at that point.
      If I can’t have my green glass see-through cookie-jar, I want to donate the bone rack to the nearest medical school where I can keep an eye on the students. The only legal requirement will be that the students and professor have to call me Mr. Kukkee. “:)

    • Green? Praytell.

      • I like green. Green is environmentally cool, natural glass, haha! Trees are green, grass is green, and plants are green. All of that stuff is living, get it? Makes one feel “right at home”. Emeralds are green and beautiful. Besides, the idea is in one of my novels. The green cookie-jar is used as a funeral urn, sitting on a shelf……….LOL “:))

  3. I guess as we all head for our final days we’ll do a little preparatory work ready for our final day.

    I’m not bothered what they do with what’s left – with luck I’ll be forgiven my sins and head for a better place…

    Love and hugs!


  4. Lovely and emotive….I walk away from wishes all to often, maybe we all do.

  5. Red, this is one of my favourite of your poems posted here on M3 so far. The ending was unexpected and wonderful. I thought of my friend who recently passed and how she is now away from her pain and peaceful. Hugs to you.

    • This was one I did not even know where it was going. When I started the rhyme pattern, I was certain it would be one I would likely abandon, but “closer” and “wishes” just rang out. You know me…why do it simple?

      Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry.

  6. Oh yes, I like it too. I was a little iffy on the ending but when you mentioned wishes: Slam, Bang. Of course, I said.

  7. Sounds like we all need lessons in urns lol. Beautiful and haunting. Maybe could have used a bit of explanation about what was in the window. This is not my wish! Not that I don’t want to go sometimes, but…

    • No, dying is not the wish. The wish was just escaping her cares. It is a wish many of us have at one point or the other. She wanted a pretty urn. When someone looked at it, they did not need to know all the hurt which led her there, only that she was resting in beauty.


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