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When we look deeper, we discover. Just beneath the surface is the substance which changes our views. Look even deeper, and maybe change your soul. Look deeply enough, and you may just find the reality which has eluded you heretofore. When I look deeply enough, I can hear.

Clear water and what lies beneath. ~John McDevitt ~ Aware Writer


In the shimmering water,
just beneath my reflection,
I see a whisper.

As it’s whisked away
with the current, I have to wonder:
What did it say?

Close my eyes and concentrate
on its shadowy memory,
but am I too late?

All the world is still,
as my mind’s eye recreates
by force of will.

Through the caressing sound
of water on rock,
the whisper is found.

It’s your heartbeat,
strong and sure,
Emanating heat.

And whispering to mine.


Image compliments of John McDevitt of the Aware Writer.

What do you hear when someone whispers?

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  1. I hear

    Wordless quiet, poetry of the soul(s).


  2. Oh, this is lovely AnnMarie!


  3. so lovely. I really enjoy this writing. By looking deeper we’re richly rewarded with even more meaningful surprises.

    • Thank you, Barb. As with all you find around here, there is always something lurking just beneath the surface. Have a terrific evening. I am so very glad you popped in for a comment, Red.

  4. Beautiful! Wonderful imagery…


    • Thank you, Matt! I am pleased you stopped in for a comment. I hope you are off to a healthy, joyous and prosperous New Year. Red.

  5. The quiet communication between two hearts that don’t need incessant words to understand each other. Even if no one else hears. Nice Red, Grant

    • I like that. After the last post, with all its necessary words, I thought one with soft or no words a good counterpoint. Glad to see you. Love, Red.

  6. I am just here for a quickie Red 🙂
    Nooooooo, that is not what I hear
    when someone whispers 😉 lol

    I guess that one can feel many sweet
    touches, and of whispers of the heart
    the imagination holds no boundaries 🙂

    Have a delightful Tuesday Red 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • LOL! Thank you for popping in, Andro. I like the boundless image. I hope you are having a terrific afternoon, Red.

  7. Beautiful. I’d like to say I hear beauty, sweet nothings or trust, but mostly it seems people whisper gossip to me.

    • I hear that, unfortunately my rumors are usually not whispered, but shouted by the town crier at nearly 40 dB.

  1. John McDevitt ~ The Aware Writer | The M3 Blog

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