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Blogging Readiness

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If you have not already, take a cruise over to the Daily Post and find out about the Post-A-Day and Post-A-Week challenges. I have taken up the challenge to post at least once a day for the rest of 2011. Chances are pretty good I will still be posting in 2012, but stranger things can and have happened.

Are you up for the challenge? You can get daily and weekly writer’s-block-busting tips for subjects from the Daily Post and The Mindslam.

Still want a different set of ideas? Stop by the Green Room and grab an idea from one of the great bloggers there. Have you left a link to your blog yet?

Happy Blogging!



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  1. Yes an interesting idea but you know I write far too much as it is, and the thought of adding a posting every single day is just too ghoulish for my liking, but I will be popping over here to read whatever you are taking an interest in and adding my thoughts to them 🙂

    Actually after saying that, I still haven’t read those postings that I mentioned previously and can you see how difficult it can become with so many extra posts to read, not that I am complaining you understand but even I can’t complete all of them and I am already proving that by my very slow catch-up techniques 🙁

    Hey Red I need to do much better than this and one of these evenings I will 🙂 But for the meantime I will just wish you a very happy afternoon and evening, scoot over to the first offering of the other evening and be back to My Gothic Realm in time for the first bite… Well I don’t have a Cape and Sharpened Fangs for nothing you know 🙂

    The Graveyard Beckons… lol
    Be good now, but never too good okay? 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Oh, Dark One, you would be well with the Post-A-Week. I know you would not feel an ounce of unwanted pressure there. And the hints are just for those with writer’s block. An affliction I hardly see condemning you to a wordless dungeon.

      And given time, you shall devour all. I shall be bending your pages before the witching hour. Be good? Would “good at it” suffice?

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