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Is there a subliminal message being sent to me through Google? Does my blog have its skirt tucked in its panties? Did a post slip through the technological vortex and get emailed to everyone subscribed?

Odds are 6-1.

For six to one, most people would drop a bigger chunk of change. What are we betting on, exactly? The number one search term to find this blog.

All the search terms below are copied from my list of terms which sent people from a search screen to this blog. You get to choose. These are the games currently being aired, so pick which one is at the top of the chart:

1. bad open relationship

Oh, my. I admit all three words are in this blog somewhere, but for my life I cannot find post one which has all three in the same post. With gobs of talk of marriage and longevity in relationships, I come up with a honking zero on open ones, much less BAD open ones.

2. do your work

I try! Some days are tougher than others, but (regardless of the software being able to tell time) I make a point to get my work done before three minutes to post. I do admit: I posted one 26 seconds before it was due. Am I really not punctual?

just who in the sam hill?3. ways to incur debt

Why in the Sam Hill is anyone searching for this? Really? Why doesn’t Google just give me their credit card number and CCV? I could help out. Honestly.

4. slacker at work

I really think I should be taking this personally.

5. the right to be an outsider

So, maybe I deserve that one. I am an island. I am that far out there.

6. 1999 mazda protege se

I am completely in the dark here. I would not know one if it ran over me in the middle of the living room. Do I need to open a car parts store? Do they even still make these?

7. mouth

There has to be a message attached to this one. But I thought the point of a blog was to write about it so you did not have to preach about it…

8. finger flushing toilet

Wow. I do not know what to do with that one. With little children, I am anal about flushing the toilet (No pun intended.), but what does that even mean?

9. heart with a wall built around it

There has to be a backlink to some of my medical research articles here somewhere. And who types all that in…more than once?


10. naughty bedtime clipart

Did Clueless in Seattle find the blog after all? Do I talk about sex that much? And they are looking for illustrations, no less!

Your Turn

You, my loyal audience, have scoured this blog from day one. Which term brings the most people to this blog? You can choose a win, place and show. (Better odds of getting the right one.) You have to tell me what the message is!


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  1. awarewriter

     /  December 17, 2011

    I haven’t a clue Red. I never search because I have a direct link and a subscription. I love the imagery of ” Does my blog have its skirt tucked in its panties?” You do have a way with words. LOL


    • Tehe. I can only imagine some of the mutated translations Google will assign this blog by the time I toss the laptop out the window….

  2. I too come here via direct link, so this would simply be a wild guess. Since this is the Internet after all is said and done, I’m placing my bet on naughty bedtime clipart… 😉

  3. Hah. I can beat this “Brad Keseloswski peeing championship week” leads to one of my blogs.

    Actually, I have a theory on those weird search phrases (except for the peeing, cause I wrote about that). I think it’s linked to those spam sites that show up in your dashboard (at least they do for blogger), hoping you will click on their link for traffic.

    • OMG I throw away about 200 of those a week. Yes, the bots shop here as well. So, which one do you think is the winner??

  4. “Naughty bedtime clip art.” Perhaps someone is using your red stiletto image … oh, bad thought, bad thought.

    • ROFL!! I love LOVE love that shoe! 😉 Shh. I will NEVER tell you had that thought…too.

  5. It has to be number one. It’s subliminal I’m sure.

  6. I changed my answer about 15 times. Mouth – nah, I get that. . . My final answer: finger flushing toilet. Why? I burst out laughing when I read it. The “naughty bedtime clipart” and the stillhetto made perfect sense 🙂

    My favorite line in this post? “I would not know one if it ran over me in the middle of the living room.” I love your quirky style with words 🙂

    • This one was fun to write. Glad it was fun to read as well! That is three votes in the box… Check out your search terms. Some of them are outright funny! 😉

    • And just so you know, I write precisely the way I speak!

  7. Are these real terms that end up in your blog? I “Googled” the “naughty bedtime clip art” and it gave me, righteously, “List of Monty Python’s Flying Circus’s episodes” . If you’ve peeked at some of my blogs, you’d see the irony in this!

  8. bear

     /  December 17, 2011

    #6 is my choosing. Red, you would know it because it would be the car being towed through the living room cause the transmission went bad. And no, they quit making the ’99 models in 2000. Clipart? How hard it that to look at and type with one hand? Bear

  9. So does this prove SEO works or not?

    • I am so glad SOMEONE ELSE said that 😉 I still wonder WHY people continue to teach English to computers. It is a language of exception, not rule. Where the Greeks had 13 words for “love”, English has, well, not to put too fine a point on it, one. As a friend pointed out to me yesterday, there are nearly 400 for copulate…what does that say for us, eh?

  10. Pass! LoL!!! 🙂

    The search words system is not meant for sane folks to understand! LoL!!!

    God Bless!


    • Good afternoon, Pren! You, of all people, I would think would jump at a shot to choose!! Tell me about sanity! Read my comment to Nigel on the matter. You and I are thinking precisely alike in this arena, my friend!


      • Sanity is relative to the society in which we live.

        In our society legal murder is practiced by trained men and women as well as poor, illiterate people conned into carrying suicide bombs to slaughter the innocent in the hope they’ll get their hearts desire in heaven because they are too poor to afford the bride price for one woman who is regarded as little better than a piece of merchandise.

        Yet according to their rules, I a poor Paranoid Schizophrenic who never hurt anyone is regarded as insane….

        Love and hugs!


        • Amen. You will find I approach the blogging world with a cockeyed lens strictly to change some of the perspective. {HUGZ} Red.


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