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Clyde on the Dumbreader’s Internet

The M3 Blog Readability

One would think great primates would not have opinions about the readability of the Internet. One would not have met Clyde.


All raspberry blowing aside, search terms are vital for getting complete strangers (besides the ones you have on your social media lists) to check out what you posted on your blog. You could do what the spam bots tell you to do and repeat one long tail keyword three to five times in your post, […]

Saturday Evening Post

What an utterly bizarre week. The end of the week has come, and I feel certain I accomplished nothing at all. Yet, I have proof to the contrary. Fever is a terrible thing, which is closely followed by anesthetic on the list of things I would prefer to avoid at all costs. Clyde is back. […]

Saturday Evening Post

Is there a subliminal message being sent to me through Google? Does my blog have its skirt tucked in its panties? Did a post slip through the technological vortex and get emailed to everyone subscribed? Odds are 6-1. For six to one, most people would drop a bigger chunk of change. What are we betting […]