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coffeecupWhat an amazing week! This seems to be the only place in America which is not below freezing, so grab a cuppa, snuggle in. Let’s talk.

This is going to be an abbreviated version of the week, as I have monkeys on my desk demanding I finish my work.


I am down to the final versions of a couple books and all of the Redmund books will be loaded to the site. To say I am excited would be a complete understatement. It looks like I may even have time to include my books in the launch!

They look FABULOUS!

They look FABULOUS!

Many thanks to the authors who have been working diligently to get me all the things which were lost in the latest crash. (Not here…guess who broke the software suite…again. *whistles innocently*)

Meanwhile, I will be putting the final touches on the store tonight and tomorrow.

Guests Arriving

Over the course of January there will be a number of guest posters, so I can sleep. Be sure to treat them nicely and be your usual convivial selves.

Most of you know me well enough to know that me sleeping is an utter fabrication. I will be working. I have to do more packing, photograph my house and get ready to be showing this place so we can get out of the TCH.

I also owe one fairy a few uninterrupted hours with her notebook. She has been protesting the journals I got for Christmas as simply not poetic enough.


The Survey Says

The Survey Says

I asked a couple weeks ago who would be willing to do Survey Monkey polls on M3. The whole two responses I got could be interpreted a few ways. 1. No, you would not do monkey surveys. 2. What was the question? 3. What is a survey monkey? 4. Ooo! Shiny!

I hate to abandon the M3 branch of my polling activities, so I must find something you are willing to use… or I have to give up something I love to add back the old survey platform which is completely incompatible.


The geniuses behind some of the software I use were a mixed bag this week.

  1. Ignored all email, complaints, death threats and praise. Software still broken despite patch.
  2. Worked into my normal night owl hours to fix what he still has no idea how I found to break it.
  3. Did a large amount of work directly for me because his end worked when mine did not. (And he still is.)

Chance of Rain

While I hope to have everything fall into place at the appointed hour over the next 72, there is a slight chance I will miss a deadline. I like to wrap the year up with the review of goals and the setting of new goals. Those of you who work with me know beyond a scintilla of doubt I am goal-oriented.

With the other issues I have had this week, I may not get to that post because I am thoroughly unwilling to do a mediocre job at it because I haven’t the time to invest in the research. (something on my passion list) I would sooner postpone it to next week than serve up something lukewarm.

Consider this section either a “not to worry” or a warning the post is coming anyway.


Right turn, Clyde.

Right turn, Clyde.

Clyde has something to say, but you will have to wait to see where the orang turns up. He is going walkabout after he gets up from his nap. If you would like him to come to your blog, let me know! He has his own page up there under the Green Room.

Which reminds me… There are a large number of newer M3 Readers. Have you listed your blog in the Green Room? It needs to be there because while I am off, I am going to be redesigning the Green Room and the Alumni Club. If you are not listed now, you will not be making the cut.

And speaking of napping… If you have not picked up your awards for this quarter…you are waiting  for what, exactly? I only handed out a little over 90. Chances are good you got at least one.

Not Napping

Thank you for all of the feedback on the Writer’s Wrap Up 2012. By all means, if you have questions, letting me know now is pretty imperative.


The only book not listed in the collage above is the Flash in the Pan book for the fall quarter. Its cover is still under construction, but I love it so far. Many, many, many thanks to all the authors who contributed to it.

You still have a few days to get your flashes in for the winter book. It will be coming out at the end of January. The words are coming down and moving to a new page on New Year’s Day. I need your flashes in the SIB by then, even if you post will not go live until the first week of January. I need the actual flashes to finish the layout for the book. I love its cover as well!

If you have not been by the page recently, you will be surprised how many additions there have been.


Thank you for all the support you have shown me and M3 this year. Without you, this would be a lonely little corner of the blogosphere. You mean the world to me. You make blogging worth it.

Until next time,

Red Signature

Did you forget the questions already? Will you do Survey Monkey? What do you think of the new books? Are your flashes on the page or in the SIB? Did you get your awards? Do you have any questions for the authors? Are you listed in the Green Room?

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  1. I have been known to spread my opinions on various survey monkeys in the past. Give LuciBuck an opportunity, and if she HAS a thought, she shares it.


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