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The end of a very busy week is finally here. I have returned to jobs I cannot stand, suffered some loss and learned something. Some things, actually. Grab a cuppa, pull up a rocker, and I shall stoke the fire.

Rant First

I recall saying a few times already… I despise encoding. I hate, loathe, abhor code. However, I would love for this place to be found again. In a disturbing chain of events, the WordPress engine which services off-site blogs neglects to mention the majority of its features are not onboard when you install it.

Seeing Red

Seeing Red

In fact, only the shell is attached to the WP name. Only the blogging frame. No stats. No customization. No polls. No ratings. No networking capabilities. Yes, it is a go cart.

Everything it does on is only workable if you can find the right plug in to power it… from the more than 1,000,000 codex files on Yippee.

So far, we are no longer in the go cart. We got off of the lawn mower. No more Cooper. Volkswagen off the yard. We still are not back in my truck, however. Still a way to go before we get there.

Caught in the Switches

Who got lost was…

  • 184 email subcribers
  • 119 WordPress followers
  • 216 RSS feed followers
  • 1 aunt

I think I should open a cemetery. What else got lost?

  • 1,124 pingbacks
  • 361 posts
  • 316 photographs (and still counting)
  • 1 faith

Perhaps, I should open a cyber space dust vacuum emporium.

Rub Some Dirt On It


Most of them…I think

I have. The ball is crossing the plate… finally. Every once in a while, I pitch one into the stands, but, for the most part, everything is as close to the glove as I can get it. Only time will tell how many things are truly still out of place.

There is an advantage to having just the few of you here tonight. You are far less likely to stop coming altogether when something you are looking for is missing and far more likely to tell me it is missing, so I can hunt for it.

Beta Testers

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would need to beta test M3. Apparently, I am going to have to go page-by-page through the posts to find the broken pieces before anyone else can discover the slivers of glass under the sofas and chairs. I would hate for anyone to cut a foot. Well, I can think of a few I would not mind seeing bloodied.

What I Learned

1. Not everyone sucks.

Coming from me, this is a profound statement. I lost faith in humanity in the early eighties.

2. No good deed goes unpunished.

This was truly not a revelation, but more an affirmation. In the end, it is a positive. Some of those who cannot find their way back here were saboteurs and trolls.

3. Mantra is a maniac.

Because my time has been precious this week, doing things I abhor, Mantra has supplied most of the posts this week. Thank you for putting up with her impish self and her complete disregard for cohesion, consistency, SEO value and policy.

4. Mindless work leads to inspiration.

When your mind is completely disengaged to do rote work, it has plenty time to wander away and get engaged in all manner of other interesting things. Stay tuned. A series has been born. Hopefully, it will be cutting teeth by Tuesday.

5. Research is only fun if you like the subject.

No, that is not a complaint… exactly. Instead, it is a fuel source and a large contribution to the vast encyclopedia of excruciating minutia. Soon, there will be much studying of things far more intellectually stimulating than “<content=”crap”>”.

6. Social media is the bane of modern society.

In its brainless apps and mindless gaming (of which I have partaken far too much in past years), it has sucked the intellectual life force out of the majority of its users. The Earth’s predominant mammalian species is now the “click monkey”. Anyone can reshare, very few can read.

Right Turn, Clyde.

Right turn, Clyde.

A discussion this afternoon on one of said social media brain melters, a friend asked me if I thought the world would be a better place if women held all of the uppermost positions in corporations, government and institutions. While there was no immediate man-bashing, the women jumped up to say, “Absolutely!” Ironically, no one answered in the complete negative.

As is my way, my answer was more cryptic.

I think portions of it would be better. Other parts would suck tremendously.”

Frankly, it is the way I think about anything which is completely segregated. I tire of hearing how much better one ________ does than another. Fill in the blank with any identifier you can imagine. I have long held the belief, as a race, we are vermin on this planet.

Your Turn

So, what is your answer to my friend’s question? If women were in all of the positions of authority, would the world be a better place? Better still, why is it your answer.

I hope you have had a pleasant week and have your enjoyable weekend well underway. Thank you for your faithful visits. I truly appreciate them.

See you in the comments,


PS Do not be surprised if M3 goes dark soon.

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  1. BTW –

    I like the idea of a darker Space
    but of course this is just my preference
    and not something that so many will
    agree upon… Be good now 🙂 😉

    Androgoth XXx

    • Red

       /  March 19, 2012

      I think you mistake, my friend, the darkness of which I speak…

  2. It looks like a conversion to a .com site in WP is not exactly an ideal plan. Oops. I hope you can find all of the lost, misplaced, or wandering bits.

    The world would be a wonderful place without people who destroy, ravage, contaminate, and exploit. Control freaks FROM the stone age are entirely responsible for this travesty, and television-watching brainwashed sheep seem to approve entirely because their ancestors stuffed jellybeans up their noses instead of paying attention to Mrs. Schlappenweiner in Grade III. The exponential decay of brain matter isn’t related to gender, but more likely as a result of a reeking mix of apathy and unearned power combined with going cold turkey from jelly-bean addiction . Under-exposure to alien comic books, humour and ‘Dear Red’ columns might also be a significant contributing factor nine times out of ten. Don’t go dark or turn off the lights, Red I still like the the corner office best and want jellybeans available at all times… .. “:)

    • authormjlogan

       /  March 18, 2012

      Jelly bean addiction. So that is why I get withdrawal symptoms every May…

      • Red

         /  March 19, 2012

        I have to go to the store. Little Bear ate the last ones last night. I always have jelly beans…

  3. Red,

    Sorry to hear you’ve been b(l)ogged down with all this coding nonsense. I am sure the end result will have been worth the effort. I sure hope so anyway.

    As to the question of world being a better place if it were run exclusively by women, perhaps we could give the benefit of the doubt to those who emphatically answered yes – they were just kidding around right? If not, I have to wonder, were they being arrogant or simply stupid in that belief? I’m not sure which is worse.

    Apparently you had a better grip of the question than most.

    As others have said, no gender possesses the monopoly on superior traits requisite to preside over all of modern society.

    • Red

       /  March 19, 2012

      I think “jaded” comes to mind. However, the response is a very poignant example of the choice of the lesser evil. Truly, we have been choosing the lesser of two evils for so long, all we know is evil.

      As Prenin brought up, those best suited for the job will never seek it. Which may well birth a post…hmm.

  4. The site is coming together Red! All work and no play… soon your playtime will come 🙂 And I’ll be there to laugh with you!

    • Red

       /  March 19, 2012

      I have recently discovered a video game which could potentially become an addiction. It is one of those I wish I could just BUY instead of having it free on the web. For that matter, I would not mind having it on my tele, if the connection was good enough. I can text fast enough to play it 🙂

  5. The way the question is asked is biased. My answer would be similar to yours, though. Speaking in absolutes for something like this is dangerous. It also depends on who the people are. I mean there are some women (and men) who can’t really accomplish anything, no matter what gender they are. I would say there is far more to this than just gender.

    I hope you get all of your issues worked out. I am still following and checking in here. I guess I am not a troll. That’s a relief!
    Derek Mansker recently posted..In the unexpected, open your eyes!My Profile

    • What is that little recently posted thing there? I have never seen that before.
      Derek Mansker recently posted..In the unexpected, open your eyes!My Profile

      • Red

         /  March 20, 2012

        It is something new. For all the bloggers who come in here, they can choose to leave a link from one of the ten most recent posts. That way, if any of the M3 Readers would like, they can swing by your place to see what you have been writing. 😉

    • Red

       /  March 20, 2012

      It is biased, but that was precisely as it was asked to me. Gender cannot be wholly blamed nor wholly excuse any behavior, much less imbue quality characteristics in anyone. And no, Derek, you are not a troll.

  6. Ann Marie, Thank you so much for forging a path for the rest of us and sharing the hassles with us!

    Question – The person who immediately popped into my head was Nancy Pelosi. Some people like her (politics wise) but I have absolutely no idea why! The question of better is really not about gender (or political stance), it’s about character. As much as people like to bash GW Bush, he is a man of character. He is what he says he is. Finding men or women of character, those willing to do the job for the people and not for themselves, seems to get harder as the years go by.

    I still find you on facebook. I’ve subscribed twice, but still no e-mails from M3. I bookmarked you too. First time I had to google, but you can be found by those wishing to find you. Just think what an expert you will be when this is all done 🙂 Angie
    Angela recently posted..I is better than UMy Profile

    • Red

       /  March 24, 2012

      If this is the email where you want your subscription to go, I will merely add you. I could have sworn you were on the list, but apparently not. If you want it to go somewhere else, just inbox me where you would like it delivered. The registration is only to ease comments and sharing. Subscribing is a different animal altogether.

      And you are right about character. Truly, character is what makes a leader. Which is why so many of us agree with HHGG.

      • This is the correct address. I’ll probably wind up getting it three times, but that is better than not getting it at all 🙂 A
        Angela recently posted..I is better than UMy Profile

        • Red

           /  March 24, 2012

          Done. Look for the email tonight 2000 EST. I only send once per day because too many people like the digest better than the individual ones.

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